Executive Board

Angela H. Brown

Angela H. Brown is the Executive Director and founder of Craft Lake City, a 501-(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.  Craft Lake City’s mission is to elevate Utah’s creative culture through science, technology and art.  The organization does this through educational programming,

Barton Moody

Barton Moody is a tax accountant and has lived in Salt Lake City for most of his life. Barton’s basis in accounting came from working for a decade as a film designer, managing budgets and effectively providing the impossible at

Brandy Oliver

Brandy Oliver, a life long creative spirit, turned her dreams toward becoming a teacher and then school counselor with the hopes of encouraging youths to pursue their creative dreams. Instead of focusing on her own art, Brandy began attending art

John Carlisle

In 1977, a seven-year-old John Carlisle sewed his father a tiny sleeve for holding a pen. It featured yellow whip stitching on blue felt. He also watched his mother cross stitch pattern after pattern while working at the Craft Center

Advisory Board

Chad Dorton

Chad encountered his first computer at age 6, and has been hooked ever since. His love for all things computing has translated into a passion for making technology accessible to people of all ages. Over his 20 year IT career,

Jessica Thesing

Jessica Thesing is the Small Business Manager for the Economic Development Division of Salt Lake City Corporation. She has an M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning and, prior to moving to Salt Lake City in the winter of 2011, she

Julie Bjornstad

After growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and slowly making her way up the East Coast, Julie moved to Salt Lake in 2008 and has been in love with the area ever since. When she’s not distracted by

Kim Angeli-Selin

Kim Angeli-Selin is a creative professional specializing in the field of communication. She holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Utah and is currently working towards a Masters of Professional Communication from Westminster College. Kim joined the

Liz Clarke

Liz Clark is originally from Idaho, spent her childhood in Provo and has been a resident of Salt Lake City since 1992. She loves Utah for its beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation. She is a marathon runner, an avid gardener and

Marsha Merrill

Marsha Merrill is a Salt Lake Restaurateur, with over 15 years in the business. Having opened, managed or consulted for over a dozen Salt Lake area bars and restaurants, Marsha’s experience has helped her keep her finger on the pulse

Natalie Parkin

Natalie Parkin has owned Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare since 2005. Skinworks was established in 1995 as a stand-alone Esthetics school, located in Salt Lake City. She brings her professional background from Enterprise Corporate Sales to the growing industry of

Pamela Martinson Olson

Pamela Martinson Olson is a professional florist, event planner, and freelance writer. Owner and founder of Native Flower Company, she was a founder of TriFecTa Design, Inc. and has worked in the floral industry for more than 25 years. One

Peter Reed

Originally from a small town in Northern New York, Reed has always been fascinated by how and why things work, from tearing apart telephones to make a “treehouse hotline” as a young tinkerer to delving into galactic formations and movements

Robert Martin

Since graduating with a degree in advertising, Martin has been actively involved in marketing businesses for success. He is an attorney by trade and concentrates his legal practice on intellectual property matters such as trademark, copyright, and licensing – assisting businesses, startups, musicians,

Tracey Harty

Tracey Harty has never been without a creative hobby. Her 4-H sewing lessons became a lifetime skill, and she later took up quilting, crocheting and cross-stitching. Now more full-time marketer and little-time crafter, Tracey is an integrated marketing communications consultant