2016 DIY Engineers

Animal-Jam-Craft-Lake-City-SponsorAnimal Jam

Animal Jam is a safe and exciting online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Players create and customize their own animal characters and dens, chat with friends, adopt pets, team up for adventures, and feed their curiosity

Conquer MonsterConquer Monster

Conquer Monster combines the warm analogue hum of vintage synth rock, the pulsing club beats of modern electronica, and the nostalgic 8-bit sounds of the 1980s into their Sci-Fi space jams. Their dynamic live performances include a backdrop of glitched-out


Custom-built hi-fi decking to audio systems < >

First Utah RoboticsFIRST Utah Robotics

FIRST Utah is committed to helping fill the void in STEM workers in the state of Utah by providing engaging and powerful k-12 robotics activities. A comprehensive pathway is established through FIRST Lego League Jr., FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech


STEAM learning simplified. We manufacture programmable/hackable toys. < >

Girls Go DigitalGirls Go Digital!

Girls Go Digital! is program designed to provide opportunities for girls to learn more about computer science, technology and design. We hold workshops and camps for girls with projects tailored for them to learn how to apply their unique abilities

Google-Fiber-Craft-Lake-City-SponsorGoogle Fiber

Google Fiber starts with a connection that’s up to 1,000 megabits per second. Instant downloads. TV like no other. And endless possibilities. #FiberIsComing Save


It is our fundamental belief that information and public engagement enrich a community. To that end, KUER 90.1 is intensely committed to building a community of world citizens through story and art, discussion and debate, sound and creativity. Our work

Make Salt LakeMake Salt Lake

Make Salt Lake is a shop/club, where people can use equipment to build things, learn skills, and share ideas. We have wood, metal, plastic, and electronics equipment. Use a laser-cutter, 3-D printer, vinyl-cutter — and we keep adding more. Some

79_11755098_1149042115112726_1747445470380963133_n-crop-480x640Michael Beck

San Francisco transplant that enjoys all things mechanical and electronic. I am an Amateur Radio Operator that likes computers radios and robotics < >

Momentum RecyclingMomentum Recycling

Momentum Recycling’s goal is to help our community move towards zero waste. While this may seem like a daunting goal, we believe that together, by taking small but important steps, we can make great progress. Momentum Recycling is a full-service

Morph 3DMorph 3D

Morph 3D is pioneering high quality customizable avatars, clothing and props for use in augmented and virtual reality worlds. 350 body shapes built into our avatars allows for endless user modification both realistic and fantastical. A vast library of clothing


Pictureline opened in Salt Lake City in February 1989 as a small one-man operation dedicated to providing exemplary service to all who crossed the threshold. Twenty-seven years and twenty employees later, that credo of exemplary service remains, not only to those visiting

Salt-Lake-City-Craft-Lake-City-SponsorSalt Lake City Corporation

At Salt Lake City Government, we’re committed to making digital access to information, City services and your elected officials as easy and efficient as possible. Stay informed by signing up for regular updates from your Council representatives and the Mayor’s

510_tayloralec-crop-480x640Salty Mountain Guitar Effects

Custom engineered boutique fuzz effects for guitar. Designed and built handmade by myself and Taylor Cowan. < >


SetaTec was founded by two friends & colleagues (Craig McIntier & Jeremy Hansen) that have a passion for the outdoors and innovation. The concept for their current product (the Touch 1K) came while working on a separate project (quick-release mounts

397_dmitryk-crop-480x640Smrt-Game / New Day LLC

Smrt Game was created with the mission to promote self-propelled mechanical puzzles and to make memories by working together on a unique mechanical marvel. The self-propelled mechanical puzzles are made from natural materials and assembled without glue or tools. The

Softwire SynthesisSoftwire Synthesis

Softwire Synthesis is a Salt Lake City based electronic music gear maker. We specialize in Eurorack format modular synthesis equipment. < >

160_slug_davidpayne_2015_print-41-800x480-crop-480x640Space Invader Amps, Dai Ou Jou Guitars

David Payne of Space invader Amps and DOJ Guitars makes hyper-functional guitars and omni-directional amps for the modern musician to be struck dumb by while the future musician plays. < >

446_108-jacm-crop-480x640Spirited Practice

Jacqueline is a health and science teacher by trade. She creates DIY natural beauty and cleaning products as well a variety of products to support home routines and practices that support wellness. < >

SunzeecarSunzeecar LLC

Andy Schoenberg , PhD is a retired engineering professor from the University of Utah. He has developed various models of a solar powered commuter vehicle with the latest model designed for two riders and a high performance solar panel of

301_20160316_145541-crop-480x640The Green Urban Lunch Box

We strive to empower people to engage in local food production by using the resources available in their community. We do so by connecting people to a creative network of spaces and opportunities. Visit our webpage for more information! thegreenurbanlunchbox.com

TIY-logo-thumbThe Iron Yard

The Iron Yard Academy teaches intensive, three-month courses on 20 different campuses that mentor you into a professional junior-level programmer. Our program goes far beyond tactical skills and teaches you to think like a software engineer. Programming is a lifelong

316_karlsmall-crop-480x640Transfiguration Bustle

Emilee and Karl Castleton were cast members of TBS’s show Americas Greatest Makers. They will be demoing that technology. < >

U-of-U-Health-CareUniversity of Utah Health Sciences

University of Utah Health Sciences is an economic engine unlike any other in Utah. With more than 14,000 faculty and staff it is one of the state’s largest employers and contributes millions of dollars in net tax revenue to Utah

622_image-crop-480x640USU EXTENSION 4-H

Building knowledge, improving lives in today’s youth < >

586_11825552_1625396721063314_5390058213447205539_n-crop-480x640Utah STEM Action Center

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Action Center prioritizes STEM education, which works to develop Utah’s workforce of the future. The program drives research and implementation of STEM education best practices across Utah by coordinating STEM-related activities, creating and


Zaniac makes math, technology, and other STEM fields of study fun, helping K-8 kids to become engaged, develop confidence, and measurably improve their academic performance. Zaniac is like school at its best—an active, inspiring place filled with friends and friends-to-be.