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What is the Craft Lake City DIY Festival?

Craft Lake City’s Annual Do-It-Yourself Festival is a festival by locals, for locals, celebrating all things local. We believe in supporting our local economy while also enjoying the wide array of creative, local products.The Festival encompasses do-it-yourself culture as a whole, featuring artists and craftspeople, DIY engineers and tinkerers, foodies, singers and dancers, collectors and upcyclers. It celebrates the best in all of us—our desire to make greatness from the mundane and share it with our friends.

We strive to keep building upon our vision—to make our community a more beautiful, self-sufficient, and harmonious place through our shared love of creating.


Important Dates & Deadlines

Application Opens: Monday, January 16, 2017

Application Closes: Monday, April 17, 2017 EXTENDED, Monday, April 24, 2017

Invitation Status & Participation Notification by email: Monday, May 15, 2017

Accepted Exhibitor List placed on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Payment for booth/table & other participation fees: Thursday, June 15, 2017



Application Fee:Non-refundable $20, paid online after completing the digital application. The application fee goes towards the cost of administrative processing and jurying.Invited Artisan/Plaza Exhibitor Fee:

10’ x 10’ Booth* $300
Shared 10’ x 10’ Booth* $450
6’ x 3’ Table* $200
Sunday-Only Booth $200
Sunday-Only Table $100
Electricity $150
Special Placement $300

*The exhibitor fee is the same for both full weekend, three-day participation and Friday/Saturday, two-day participation.

About Electricity & Gallivan Plaza:

Due to the limited availability of electricity and the outdoor venue, it is difficult to accommodate a high volume of power users on the plaza. Plugin for power by participants who have knowingly not disclosed power needs prior to the event, may be penalized for risking power outages or promptly charged for immediate, on-the-spot payment for power use. Craft Lake City does careful planning and testing to ensure we meet the needs of those who have disclosed and paid for electricity on the plaza. Craft Lake City is also striving to be more considerate of sustainable, low-energy initiatives by driving down power demands, and encourages its exhibitors to utilize solar energy sources and LEDs to power their booths after daylight hours.

About Special Placement:

The exhibitor has the opportunity to discuss and select their placement on the festival grounds with festival staff and production members. Special placement requests are filled to the best of our abilities with due consideration of adhering to safety code and Gallivan Plaza rules. The Special Placement fee is only charged when the request and placement have been agreed upon by both the exhibitor and Craft Lake City. Craft Lake City reserves the right to make alterations and amends based on circumstance.

Invited STEM Building Exhibitor Fee:

DIY Engineer/Tinkerer $75
Business $325
Non-Profit/Institution $325

Electricity is included for STEM Building Exhibitors.


Booth/Table Info

Booth or table options are only for those applying to exhibit on the outdoor plaza area. If you are applying as a plaza exhibitor, please read through the information below to determine your best needs.*BOOTHS/$300: 10’x10’ tent. Exhibitors who have a large display and inventory to fill the space should apply for a booth space.

TABLES/$200: 3’x6’ table space. Exhibitors who have smaller items, displays, and inventory should apply for a table space.

All fees stated above contribute to rental, setup and labor costs for booths and tables. The booths/tables will be ready and setup for your arrival during the festival. Craft Lake City prides itself on being able to provide the opportunity of having these items available and not the responsibility of the exhibitors.

Craft Lake City does not provide walls for booths or umbrellas and linens for exhibitors who vend outdoors.


Booth Sharing Policy: Shared booth is $450 ($300 plus an additional fee of $150 to share a booth). Both artisans interested in sharing a booth must apply and both artisans must be accepted in order to share a booth at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival. On the application, BOTH artisans must state with whom they would like to share a booth. TABLE SHARING IS NOT ALLOWED, THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE FOR ONLY BOOTHS. ONLY TWO ARTISANS AT MOST ARE ALLOWED TO SHARE ONE BOOTH.



The Craft Lake City DIY Festival is open to makers, creators & tinkerers who CURRENTLY RESIDE & OPERATE IN THE STATE OF UTAH. No dealers, agents or representatives are permitted. Craft Lake City reserves the right to reject any applications which do not fall within or meet our guidelines. Any applicant who has applied and is found to not meet requirement parameters will have their application forfeited with no refund of their application fee.


Guide to Applying For The Craft Lake City DIY Festival

Photography: For both plaza and STEM exhibitors, well-taken images of your work are valuable to your application.

  • Plaza exhibitor applicants should focus on capturing images of five, single products that can provide insight to the jury of the craftsmanship and creativity of the artisan.
  • STEM applicants should focus on capturing multiple images of your project(s) to best help Craft Lake City understand the main function and purpose of your creation that you hope to display and demonstrate within the STEM Building at the Festival.

Full-Disclosure: For all who apply to the festival, it is important fully disclose your available participation honestly in the application. Failure to appropriately disclose information, such as availability resulting in a no-show or leaving and closing your booth/table early, can affect either current or future participation in the festival.

Original Work Regulation

All creations must be original, handcrafted work. No commercial, mass produced or manufactured work that is not made by the artist(s) will be accepted. Upon submission of images, the artisan guarantees the accuracy of the description of artwork presented and the authenticity of the artwork as original and created by their own hands. The jury reserves the right to reject any displays or items not in keeping with the character of the images submitted.

All artwork exhibited at the festival must be of the quality and style represented by the artist in images submitted with the application as well as of the media category for which they are accepted. Artists must be present during the entire festival and should personally staff their booth space, as festival attendees are enthusiastic to meet, speak and shop from DIY Festival Creators. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend the festival in place of the artist. Artists retain all revenue from the sale of their work, and are responsible for paying sales tax to the Utah State Tax Commission by cash or check at the end of the festival.

By applying and accepting Craft Lake City’s invitation, all exhibiting artists agree to comply with Craft Lake City, Craft Lake City DIY Festival and Gallivan Plaza rules & regulations.


Festival Exhibiting Areas & Categories

The Craft Lake City DIY Festival has three areas for different types of exhibition: Artisans/Plaza Exhibitors, STEM Exhibitors & Stage Performers. Please reference the list below for the correct area and category for your application.Artisan/Plaza Exhibitor Categories:

IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE APPLYING AS A NON-PROFIT/INITIATIVE PROJECT. When applying, please select both the “Non-profit/Initiative Projects” category as well as the category that best represents the products that will be on display at the Festival.

  • 3D Work: The 3D Works category represents those who create sculptural works, which includes materials that are, but are not limited to: clay, found/upcycled materials, glass or metal.
  • Craft Food: The Craft Food category represents artisans who create handcrafted and artisanal varieties of prepackaged, edible goods. Craft Food includes, but is not limited to: desserts, beverages, bitters, sauces, candy, etc.
  • Fiber: The Fiber category represents products created with natural fibers or cloth. The category includes, but is not limited to: weaving, felting, spinning, wearable items, etc.
  • House & Home: The House & Home category applies to artisans who create goods for merchandising and home furnishing.
  • 2D, Illustration & Print: The broadest of the categories represented at the DIY Festival, the 2D, Illustration & Print category applies to those who create one-of-a-kind 2-dimensional creative works, stationery and other paper products, or prints. Mediums and materials that are included, but not limited to, are: illustration, collage, drawing, painting, printmaking, letterpress cards, digital art, etc.
  • Jewelry: The Jewelry category applies to those who create items that are wearable trinkets. Jewelry may be functional or decorative adornments as bracelets, necklaces, belts, headpieces and more.
  • Non-profit/Initiative Projects: The Non-Profit/Initiative applies to groups or organizations who represent either an organization or a collective group of creators.
  • Photography: The Photography category represents those who use the camera as their main form of creating work with minimal manipulation. Excessive collaging or manipulation should apply in the 2D, Illustration & Print category.
  • Skincare & Grooming: The Skincare & Grooming category applies to makers who create topical products, oils, bathing items, etc. used for skin, hair and body care.
  • Vintage: Hearkening back to the days when most clothing and furniture was handmade, this category is for vintage enthusiasts who resell quality, antique clothing and/or items. All clothing offered for sale in this category must have been made previous to 1988, and must not include any big-box store, prefabricated labels. Furniture and other retro items must be handmade and predate 1988.

Google Fiber STEM Building

  • DIY Engineer / Tinkerer: "I am a local Utah tinkerer and/or start-up entrepreneur. If I have a business, it's small and aside from my family and friend volunteers, I'm the only employee. I'm trying to showcase my technology and/or product ideas with an interactive exhibit out in front of a public audience at the 2017 Craft Lake City DIY Festival."
  • Business: "I am an established local Utah business or company that would like to showcase our technology and/or products with an interactive exhibit in front of a public audience at the 2017 Craft Lake City DIY Festival."
  • Non-Profit / Institution: "I am an established university or institutional affiliated organization or program, non-profit organization, or government agency, who would like to showcase an interactive exhibit in front of a public audience at the 2017 Craft Lake City DIY Festival."

Stage Performers

  • Solo Artist
  • Band
  • Dance Company/Troupe
  • Performance Art Group
  • Other (we will require you to specify the type of performer you are for purposes of programming events onstage at the Festival): This category allows for us to accept and view the various other performance concepts that could be at the DIY Festival, and is not encompassed by the other categories we have available for application at the Festival.


Jury Process

All jurying is completed by individuals who are not in any way employed, contracted or internally associated with Craft Lake City. All exhibitor applications remain anonymous to the jury, and jurors will only have access to the applicant’s uploaded five images, which includes description and market price of the product.


Exhibitor Responsibilities & Safety

By applying to the Craft Lake City DIY Festival, Exhibitor assumes all responsibility to safeguarding of their products and their displays at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival from August 11 – 13, 2017. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to insure their property. Craft Lake City has the right to close the Craft Lake City DIY Festival if any unforeseen circumstances occur that would affect the safety of the event attendees or vendors. Vendors are required to disclose their participation in the festival at the time of application or during acceptance of their invitation. Failure to do so may affect the exhibitor’s future opportunity to participate with the festival.By participating, the exhibitor understands that abuse of any kind is not welcome. Any individual who displays negative, crude, crass, belligerent or any other non exemplary behavior that causes discomfort towards any person present at the festival, will be asked to leave. Craft Lake City reserves the right to determine what behaviors are deemed inappropriate and non characteristic of Craft Lake City standards. We do not condone any racist, bigoted, unsafe behavior from all areas of the festival and within our community.

The exhibitor, when invited, agrees to hold harmless Craft Lake City and the Craft Lake City DIY Festival, sponsors, partner organizations, coordinators, volunteers or employees, for any damage, loss, or theft, to artwork, displays or other personal property, or injury to their person, regardless of cause resulting from their participation in this event. The exhibitor agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations set.


Performers & Payment

Performers are required to arrive and be ready to perform at least an half hour before they appear onstage.Performers will be paid immediately after their performance at the festival. Checks will be written to the authorized individual who was specified when completing the application for the 2017 Craft Lake City DIY Festival.


Sales & Tax Information

Craft Lake City does not take any money from commission or sales of your works or products during the course of the festival.Your information is required on the application due to the Utah Tax Commission’s requirement to have vendor information beforehand. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to pay the appropriate taxes from sales at the end of the event.


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