Salt Lake City Street Art Exhibit – Winter 2016-2017

Celebration of the Hand presents an exhibit celebrating the transformative power of street art. Inspired by the street art of Paris, Craft Lake City, Stephen Goldsmith, and the Temporary Museum of Permanent Change selected six local artists to transform the

Roger Whiting’s Collaborative Mosaic Project – Fall 2016

Artisan Roger Whiting, in collaboration with the youth of ArtFirst ArtePrimero, created two large mosaic murals that now hang on plakats as part of the Celebration of the Hand Exhibit. This collaborative art piece was assembled at the 8th Annual

Celebration of the Hand – Summer 2014

If you have ever walked along Broadway (300 S.) in Salt Lake City, you may have noticed some steel frames, or plakats, lining the sidewalks. These plakats are the platform for Craft Lake City’s outdoor exhibit, Celebration of the Hand.

Christy Montrone-Burns

Two of my favorite things to do are work with youth and work towards social justice. So when I was offered the chance to create a mural celebrating hands, I immediately thought of all the good our hands do to

Colin Roe Ledbetter

  For the Last 2 Years, I have been working on a BFA in Textile Design at the University of Kansas, where I have focused on weaving techniques, dyeing, and screen printing yardages of patterned fabric. This is in addition to a

Madi McQueen

“I make fabric covered buttons and typically create them into jewelry and other accessories.  I like how these traditionally specific fasteners can lead me into the world of art.  This piece is called Handzaam: Dutch for getting handy or creating

Annika DiMeo

Annika combines both precious and non-precious metals in her pieces that have been recognized for their uniqueness in regards to size and style. Her inspiration comes from a number of things ranging from love and violence as well as architectural

Marcee Blackerby

“I wanted to create a city scape..a bit zany..humorous, odd….kind of like a walk on the wild side.  most of it is wood and paint…birds are metal crows (a noisy social bird that likes the city)  the clown;s hands open up

Greg Nelson

“Bite the hand that feeds you.  An ironic twist on an old addage.  Reality is distorted by adding another plane.  The Midgaard Serpent rises from the depths to attack the source of its being.  The distortion provides a venue to