Marcee Blackerby

“I wanted to create a city scape..a bit zany..humorous, odd….kind of like a walk on the wild side.  most of it is wood and paint…birds are metal crows (a noisy social bird that likes the city)  the clown;s hands open up

Greg Nelson

“Bite the hand that feeds you.  An ironic twist on an old addage.  Reality is distorted by adding another plane.  The Midgaard Serpent rises from the depths to attack the source of its being.  The distortion provides a venue to

Mïa Vollkommer

Chainwheel Mandalas: A Meditation on Transportation By Mïa Vollkommer When I was approached to do this piece, my first concern was to preserve the spirit of my primary medium – jewelry – within the context of a much larger piece. 

Andy Joy Chase

“My plakat is a painting of a bee screen printing. The bee is placed in a grove of Aspen trees, there is a line tied to the trunks of the trees where the prints are drying. The prints that the

Josh Stippich

Josh Stippich fell into the business of custom audio manufacturing by accident in 1999. Originally, he owned a recording studio, but became increasingly dissatisfied by the inadequacies of the equipment. He found a cheap pre-amp from the Internet and bought

Kumiko Morse

I’m Kumiko from Hiroshima, Japan.  I started making origami jewelry in May 2010, and I’ve been enjoying making origami jewelry since then.  All my jewelry is made with Japanese traditional paper, called washi/chiyogami, and hand folded by my small hands. 

AJ Wentworth

AJ received his training to practice Holistic Health Counseling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school, which is the only nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies with modern concepts

The Mandate Press

The Mandate Press is Utah’s most experienced professional letterpress print shop. We pour over a decade of experience into everything we print each day. Locally grown and honed, yet nationally recognized and respected, we proudly deliver award-winning modern letterpress to

Ashley Persan

Ashley Persan, of Better Than Mud, grew up on the east coast of Long Island, New York.  After completing her BFA at Condordia University in Montreal, she took residence in Salt Lake in 2006.  Although this is her first emergence

Alex Adams Photography

This series would not have been possible without the talent of Alex Adams. Her eye for capturing each artist in their environment was key. Talented people, document talented people. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful community