Accidental Gentleman provides beautifully designed screen printed ties for the modern gentleman. Screen printing is the process in which ink is transferred through a screen, or stencil, to transfer artwork onto any type of textile fabric. Most printed ties are currently produced by a process called sublimation, which yields detailed yet dull prints that lack the texture and depth a screen printed tie provides. Screen printers use platens, also known as palettes, to anchor textiles to a stable surface. Due to their intricate construction, ties cannot be secured well enough to prevent shifting while printing on typical platens. Innovators at Accidental Gentleman have drafted and engineered a prototype for a platen system that does not presently exist in the industry, made specifically for neckties. The original team of two has grown into four entrepreneurs who specialize in screen printing, fine art, design, and online marketing. Accidental Gentleman values the uniqueness and creativity of individuals, groups, and organizations. It is the company’s mission to provide opportunities for self-expression through variety and customization of neckwear.