The history of innovation and invention has always fascinated me, especially with respect to the reality that history shapes the future. With this eye toward the past, I love blending the antiquities with current technology to create eye catching, functional art which brings smiles to people’s faces and melodies to their ears. iHorns mix phonograph, gramophone, and other sound related antiquities with cell phone technology to create one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces of art which function as amplifiers for the internal speaker on the cell phone. The materials mix metals, wood, plastics and various other refined and natural products. With each piece is provided the history and impacts of the antiquity, so the consumer receives not only a beautiful piece of art but an understanding of how technology and their specific piece changed the landscape of sight, sound, economics and society. I love making iHorns. iHorns appeal to all ages – from the young who are amazed at the simple, functionality to the elderly who recall growing up with the antiquities in their homes. iHorns emote. I love the smiles, joy and reaction of patrons who enjoy the hands on sensory experience. From yesterday to today, iHorns are joy.