Pictureline opened in Salt Lake City in February 1989 as a small one-man operation dedicated to providing exemplary service to all who crossed the threshold. Twenty-seven years and twenty employees later, that credo of exemplary service remains, not only to those visiting our store but also to those visiting us on the web. We provide fast and honest service, email order updates, and prompt special orders with the courtesy as if it were still a one-man shop.

When pictureline opened, it was primarily a supplier to commercial professional photographers.  As digital has revolutionized the photographic industry, we have gone through several changes as well. pictureline is currently a top-of-the-line camera store that caters not only to the professionals but also to anyone who loves photography.  We have carefully chosen every product line that we carry and stand behind every product that we sell. We have never once carried a grey market product in our 27 years of business, and we never will.

With a long-time expert staff, we are here to ensure that every detail of your experience meets or exceeds your expectations.  We are here to help you realize your best still (and moving) images. Our anchor brands include Canon, Nikon, Epson, Manfrotto, Lowepro, Sandisk, and several others.