I have always loved old buildings and signs, and saw that many of the signs I loved were disappearing. I wanted to capture them before they were gone. It didn’t take long for me to realize that, these were more than just pictures I thought were cool. Everyone has their own story about these places. And I have heard some great ones. I have had people buy my prints to give to their dads because he took them to Bill & Nada’s, or they went to Snelgrove’s,when they were kids, and not to mention the MANY, misadventures at Coachman’s and Bar-X. So I started taking photos of them, and being a graphic designer, I also have a love for old silk screen designs and vintage posters. I decided to marry the two loves and digitally illustrate them. This is my little way of trying to keep the city from becoming just another place, and keeping it special. Stephanie’s work has been in the Utah Arts Festival, Omaha Arts Festival, Urban Arts Festival, Craft Lake City and the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Fest, as well as various galleries and other places nice enough to let her hang stuff.