As a child, I always loved jewelry, and especially rings. Not just any rings, but the giant, flashy, over the top rings that you can see on someone’s finger from twenty feet away. I was drawn to any adult wearing one or more big rings. I remember being envious and thinking that when I was older, I too would sport a number of flashy rings. As I got older, that love of jewelry prompted me to take a metal art/jewelry making class. That class is where the original inspiration for Silverwear Jewelry SLC began. The teacher, Mrs. Nanninga, challenged the class to create a project using common household items. I coupled that challenge with a piece of my mother’s vintage silverware, and made my first spoon ring. The teacher gave me some valuable feedback and a good grade, but the real reward was the positive reactions that I received from my friends. Before long I was making rings for friends, and was even approached by a number of students that I didn’t know, that wanted rings made. Fast forward to the present, in addition to refining my metal working skills and learning a lot more about the subtle differences in silverware, I have continued to expand on the original concept, adding; bracelets, earrings, pendants, vases, bugs, napkin rings, drawer pulls, and a Silverwear Jewelry SLC original, decorator items combining animal skulls and silverware. All of the items mentioned can be made on site at my booth, using only vintage upcycled silverware and basic hand tools consisting of; bolt cutters, files, sandpaper, mandrels, a vise, and a hammer. With an ever changing inventory of over 1000 pieces of vintage silverware to choose from, customers can pick a pattern that fits their personality, and watch as I make the piece to their specific size and style, in many cases in less than 10 minutes. Each piece of jewelry is unique and comes with a DIY demonstration absolutely free. In addition to the satisfaction I get from creating new and unique pieces of jewelry, I believe a large part of my success, as well as some of my inspiration can be attributed to the positive feelings people get from being able to choose a specific piece of silverware that they connect with, and then watch as I transform that spoon or fork into a piece of beautiful wearable art. The kind words, positive feedback, friendships made, and overwhelming support that I have received is further inspiration, as well as an affirmation that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.