My name is Sarah Snedaker of Sticks and Stones Design and I make handmade jewelry for everyday life. I love using natural gemstones and crystals, not only for their healing properties but also because they are gorgeous! I create each unique piece by hand with lots of love, attention, and good vibes. In creating my jewelry, I combine metal, such as sterling silver and gold, with gemstones, such as rose quartz, turquoise, jade and moonstone to create simple and delicate jewelry. In creating my earrings, I hand forge and hand hammer all of the components, giving them a truly one of a kind feel. A lot of my pieces have a similar feel to them, although there is something different about nearly each piece. With my necklaces I create simple yet unique pieces from various gemstone pendants. Some of my favorite stones to use are turquoise and jade, although the list could go on forever.


Sticks and Stone Designs