All applicants accepted to participate in the Craft Lake City DIY Festival must be based in Utah.

Applications for artisans, DIY engineers, craft foodies, vintage and stage performers for the 8th annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival open Friday Feb. 5, 2016 and end April 17, 2016. An official announcement for all categories: Friday May 13, 2016, list will be posted on our website, here.

Please note: For all categories, there will be a $20 nonrefundable application, only accepted through PayPal.

General Info: 

The 8th annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival will take place on Friday, Aug. 12, Saturday, Aug. 13 and Sunday, Aug. 14 2016 at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Over 200 exhibitors participate featuring handmade art, craft food, buskers, two stages, DIY Engineers, a children’s area and Google’s STEM Building.

Do accepted applicants need to participate in all three days of the Craft Lake City DIY Fest?


How do you define your application categories?

Artisan: An artisan is defined as someone who creates handmade art or crafts in any medium: silk-screened posters, reconstructed clothing, jewelry, knitted items, paintings, home décor and more. All items sold must be handmade or have an element thereof. Exhibitor Fee: 10’X10′ Booth: $300, 6’X3′ Table: $200 (Fee includes rental and set up of 10’X10′ booth or 6’X3′ table for all three festival days.)

DIY Engineer: Housed in our Google Fiber STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) building, DIY enginners exhibit their own designs, display interactive projects and educate the general public about the exciting projects made with STEM principles . Past exhibitions have included robots, circuit bending light displays, 3D printing, drones, computer animation, Google glasses and more. DIY Engineers are encouraged to prototype inventions and/or sell their wares to attendees.  Exhibitor Fee:  6’X3′ Table: $50 (Fee includes rental and set up 6’X3′ table for all three festival days.)

Performer: Craft Lake City programs two stages throughout festival hours. Musicians, dance troupes and performance artists are encouraged to apply. All performers are paid.

Vintage: Harkening back to the days when most clothing and furniture was handmade, this category is for vintage enthusiasts who resell quality, antique clothing and/or items. All clothing offered for sale in this category must have been made previous to 1988, and must not include any big-box store, prefabricated labels. Furniture and other retro items must be handmade and predate 1988. If you currently have a vintage or antique brick-and-mortar store, you must apply in the Boutique category. Exhibitor Fee: 10’X10′ Booth: $300, 6’X3′ Table: $200 (Fee includes rental and set up of 10’X10′ booth or 6’X3′ table for all three festival days.)

Craft Foodie: Our craft foodie category is for emerging culinary artisans whom specialize in small handmade batches of prepackaged edible items. Examples of exhibitors in this category are: handmade chocolates, macaroons and other desserts, pickled items, jams, hand-roasted coffee beans, handcrafted popsicles, etc. Craft food vendors must abide by all heath department rules for selling small batches of edible items. All food must be made in advance at a commercial kitchen and be prepackaged. If you plan on making food on-site in large quantities, you are considered a commercial food vendor and must apply under that category.  Exhibitor Fee: 10’X10′ Booth: $300, 6’X3′ Table: $200 (Fee includes rental and set up of 10’X10′ booth or 6’X3′ table for all three festival days.)

What space options do I have for vending and exhibition?

6’ x 3’ table space: Suggested for emerging artisans and DIY engineers with a limited inventory. Table spaces work well for artisans who make very small items or for DIY engineers who don’t necessarily have items for sale, but want to get their projects seen. Vendors are not allowed to share table spaces—only one vendor per 6’ x 3’ table, please. Tables are placed in “shaded areas”; however, they are not guaranteed to provide shade all day. Applicants with shade concerns should be ready and able to provide their own shade umbrellas. Most DIY engineer tables will be located inside Google’s STEM building and the surrounding area.

10’ x 10’ booth space: Intended for applicants with a substantial amount of inventory or for whom more vending space is required. The 10’ x 10’ tent covering (walls not included) is set up in advance and will be ready for CLC DIY Fest exhibitors to merchandise upon arrival. Tables and chairs may be rented from CLC for an additional charge. High traffic or “special placement” booth locations are also available for an additional fee. Electricity is available for an additional fee.

Sharing 10’ x 10’ booth space at Craft Lake City is discouraged, however, it is allowed. Please read CLC’s official booth-sharing policy below:

Official Booth-Sharing Policy for 2016: 

  • Both Artists interested in sharing a booth must apply 
and both Artists must be accepted in order to share a booth at 2016 Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival.
  • On the application, both Artists must state with whom they would like to share a booth. (No table sharing, only booths are available for this option.)
  • Both artists must state on their application whether or not they would still be interested in vending at Craft Lake City’s DIY Fest if their booth partner doesn’t get accepted. If the accepted artist would like to continue on as a single artist, they need to state whether they prefer to remain in a booth or move to a table.
  • Only 2 artists are allowed to share one booth.
  • Booth Sharing Fee: Booth Price ($300) Plus $150, totaling $450.

Why are boutique vendors required to pay a higher participation fee? 

Craft Lake City’s DIY festival showcases locally made DIY, handmade and homemade  exhibitors in the following categories: artisan, craft foodie, vintage,&  DIY engineering. In order to encourage emerging entrepreneurial spirit, only a small number of boutique vendors will be allowed. All boutique vendors are subject to juror approval and must apply through the formal application process.

Why do DIY engineers pay a lower fee compared to artisans?

DIY engineers exhibit inside Google’s STEM Building at 6’ x 3’ tables. Participants in this category are generally showcasing their ideas while simultaneously educating the public. Most do not monetarily profit from their exhibitions.

Are boutique, nonprofit, vintage, craft foodie exhibitors and DIY engineers judged?

Yes. You will still be judged with the same judging guidelines as other exhibiting categories.

Do these fees cover participation for all three days? 

Yes. By applying to participate at the 2016 DIY Festival you are agreeing to be in your allocated space for three days: Friday, Aug. 12 from 5-10 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 13 from Noon-10 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 14 from Noon-6 p.m. 2016.  Fee ALSO includes rental and set up of 10’X10′ booth or 6’X3′ table for all three festival days.

When will I know if I am accepted?

  • Official Announcement For All Categories: Friday May 13, 2016, list will be posted on our website, here.

If we do not receive your payment by May 31, 2016, you forfeit your spot and we will reassign it to another exhibitor from the waiting list. Applicants must be prepared to pay participation fees in full by this date. No exceptions. 

What does it mean that the festival is juried? How do you make your decisions? 

Because we receive many more applications than we can accept, and to keep the items offered at the festival of high quality, the festival is juried. We review everyone’s complete application and then make our choice based on several factors:

* If you are a Utah resident

* How your items fit in with our vision of Craft Lake City DIY Festival.

* Uniqueness of product.

* The quality, innovation and uniqueness of your wares.

* The overall cohesiveness and consistency of your work.

* How your items are represented in your photos/website.

* Our need to diversify the crafts available at the DIY Festival.

* Affordable price points that will appeal to festival attendees.

* The quality of your photographs conveying your products.You have worked hard to create unique and handcrafted items. Take time to submit professional grade photographs of your work. Pictures of your work account for 80% of the judging process. Check out past photos to get an idea of what we’re looking for!

What if I have to cancel once I’m accepted? 

Any cancellations will need to be received by Tuesday, May 31, 2016. If you cancel after this date, you forfeit your spot in the festival, and you are not permitted to sell, trade or sublease your space. We have a long waiting list of exhibitors wishing to participate and reserve the right to fill spots as we see fit. There will be no refunds on fees paid whether you cancel before or after Tuesday, May 31, 2016. When you pay your invoice, please make sure you are able to participate.

If accepted, what does my booth fee cover? 

* If you chose the 6’ x 3’ table area, your fee includes a 6’ x 3’ table. CLC recommends bringing your own shade umbrella. Chairs are NOT included. A shade umbrella is not a tent.

* If you chose the 10 x 10 booth, your fee includes a 10 x 10 tent covering.
 Walls, chairs and tables are NOT included.

* Additional tables and chairs may be rented and reserved for you at an additional cost.
 (The cost reflects both days of the event).

* Exhibitors will also receive an updatable Craft Lake City profile with a username, password and URL on our website through 2016.

* Promotional and media opportunities may also be available for select artists. If you are interested in these opportunities, make sure to mark it on your application.

Do I need to worry about taxes? 

Yes, you are responsible for registering your small business with the IRS and collecting sales tax for the items you’re selling. When tax time comes around, you’ll have to pay income tax on all the items you sold and pay the sales tax to the state of Utah. Craft Lake City volunteers will provide you with a tax packet the day of the festival when you check-in. However, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you fill out and mail in the correct sales tax forms to the State and IRS.

We recommend that you call the Utah State Tax Commission with any questions:

Special Events Unit-Utah State Tax Commission: 
210 N. 1950 W. Salt Lake City, Utah 84134–801.297.6303–800.662.4335 ext. 6303––

With the DIY Festival now being a three-day event, will I need to load and unload each day?

Exhibitors will be given times for load-in. Each day you are welcome to leave your goods overnight, as there will not be any on-sight storage. Extra security will be present through the night. Volunteers will be readily available both Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help with load in and out.