What space options do I have for vending and exhibiting?

6‘x3’ Table space is suggested for emerging artisans with a limited inventory. It also works well for artisans who make very small items or for DIY engineers who don’t necessarily have items for sale but want to get their project seen. Exhibitors are not allowed to share table spaces—only one exhibitor per 6’x3’table, please.  Tables are placed in “shaded areas” however, they are not guaranteed to provided shade all day. Applicants with shade concerns should be ready and able to provide their own shade umbrellas.

10’x10’ booth space is intended for applicants with a substantial amount of inventory or whom require more vending space the previous option. The 10’x10’ tent covering (with no walls) is set up in advance and will be ready for CLC vendors to merchandise upon arrival. Tables and chairs may be rented from CLC for an additional charge.

Sharing 10’x10’ booth space at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival is discouraged however it is allowed. Please read CLC’s official booth sharing policy below:

Official Booth-Sharing Policy for 2016: 

  • Both exhibitors interested in sharing a booth must apply 
and both artists must be accepted in order to share a booth at the 2016 Craft Lake City DIY Festival.
  • On the application, both exhibitors must state with whom they would like to share a booth. (No table sharing, only booths are available for this option.)
  • Both exhibitors must state on their application whether or not they would still be interested in vending at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival if their booth partner doesn’t get accepted. If the accepted exhibitor would like to continue on as a single artist, they need to state whether they prefer to remain in a booth or move to a table.
  • Only 2 exhibitors are allowed to share one booth.

How much is the participation fee and what does it include?

Artisan Exhibitor Fee: 10′X10′ Booth: $450, 6′X3′ Table: $200
Booth Sharing Fee: Booth Price Plus $150

Fee includes rental and set up of 10’X10′ booth or 6’X3′ table for both days.

Boutique and/or Nonprofit Exhibitors:

Craft Lake City has consolidated categories including the boutique category for the 2016 DIY Festival. Nonprofit  booths will cost the same amount as normal artisan booths / tables.