What is a busker?

A “busker” is a street performer, usually a solo musician or street performer who performs on the street without a stage, which can be amplified or not. Much like you’ll find on SLC street corners or outside playing for the public.

What kind of music is played in a busker position?

Any kind of music can be performed in the busking area, but due to electrical restrictions and not having a proper stage, acoustic or a small PA setup with a microphone is usually best.

What kind of setup is it?

You’ll be playing on the plaza itself for the public near the food trucks, just west of the DIY Engineer area. You’ll be playing in a somewhat shady area with benches and tables for people to sit at and take a break or eat. You will be given access to one electrical outlet. We will not be able to provide an electrical strip or extension cord, you must bring all your own equipment. It is your choice if you wish to play an acoustic set or utilize a small amp and mic, but no equipment will be provided by CLC, only power.

How long do I play for?

You will be given a 45 minute window. Your set will happen at the same time the Street Stage (on Gallivan Avenue) performs, and will end just before the next Main Stage performance begins. This time includes your setup, giving you 30 minutes to play.

Can I play covers?

No. All songs must be your original work. This rule is more for your safety than ours. We live in a digital age where music companies scan the web for any chance to bust someone for copyright infringement, and even someone recording you playing a cover on Facebook could land you in hot water with ASCAP. Trust us, you want to keep it all original.

Do I get paid?

Yes, buskers are paid at a set amount. At this time, we are unable to list how much performers will be compensated.

Can I put out a jar or case for tips?

Absolutely! Craft Lake City is a free festival, but that doesn’t mean people won’t have hard cash on hand to tip you for your performance! Bring a case for cash, set up CDs for sale, bring t-shirts in case anyone decides to buy something. However, keep in mind that CLC volunteers and staffers are not responsible for any theft. You are in charge of watching your money or merch, and we advise that you to bring someone to watch your belongings and case. We will have security on the plaza, but CLC is not responsible for any stolen goods.

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