What is a DIY Engineer?

This category embraces the art of scientific innovation and homemade ingenuity. DIY Engineers create handmade or computer generated products or art that can include robots, LED light displays, 3D printing and more. DIY Engineers are welcome to apply to Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival to simply showcase their inventions and art in Google Fiber’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) building, and/or to sell their wares to attendees.

How much is the participation fee and what does it include?

There are three categories of DIY Engineers: Tinkerer, Institution/Non-profit/Government, and Business. We can help you determine what category to select based on the type of organization you are.

Exhibitor Fee: includes 6′X3′ table, & table linen:

1    DIY Engineer-Tinkerer: $50.00
“I am a local Utah tinkerer and/or start-up entrepreneur.  If I have a business, it’s small and aside from my family and friend volunteers, I’m the only employee.  I’m trying to showcase my technology and/or product ideas with an interactive exhibit out in front of a public audience at the 2016 Craft Lake City DIY Festival.”

2    DIY Engineer-Institution/Non-Profit/Government: $300.00
“I am an established university or institutional affiliated organization or program, non-profit organization, or government agency, who would like to showcase an interactive exhibit in front of a public audience at the 2016 Craft Lake City DIY Festival.”

 3    DIY Engineer-Business: $300.00
“I am an established local Utah business or company that would like to showcase our technology and/or products with an interactive exhibit in front of a public audience at the 2016 Craft Lake City DIY Festival.”

Fee includes rental and set up of one 6X3′ table and table linen for all three days.

Where will DIY Engineers exhibit?

DIY Engineers exhibit inside Google Fiber’s STEM Building. This building is located on north portion of Gallivan plaza on second south. Bustling with creative projects, air conditioning and a balcony, Google Fiber’s STEM Building showcases the latest inventions and innovations from Utah’s maker community. For pictures of last year’s exhibitors, click here.

I represent a commercial company in the STEM field.  Id like to have my company represented at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival.  How do I go about this?

Please contact our Executive Director, Angela H. Brown: angela [at] craftlakecity.com. She can determine your placement, involvement and participation fee.

What space options do I have for vending and exhibition?

6‘x3’ table space is suggested for emerging artisans with a limited inventory. It also works well for artisans who make very small items or for DIY engineers who don’t necessarily have items for sale but want to get their project seen. Vendors are not allowed to share table spaces—only one vendor per 6’x3’table, please.  Tables are placed inside Google Fiber’s STEM building as well as outside on the balcony of the upper building level. We understand that some exhibits may not fit on a 6’x 3’ table. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding the size or placement of your exhibit.

Is Google Fiber’s STEM Building powered and equipped with Wi-Fi?

Yes. Please do not forget to list your power requirements on your application. The connection will be free and open to the public so credit card transactions this network are discouraged.

Why do DIY engineers pay a lower fee compared to artisans?

DIY engineers exhibit inside Google Fiber’s STEM Building at 6’ x 3’ tables. Participants in this category are generally showcasing their ideas and simultaneously educating the public. They do not monetarily profit from their exhibitions.

Applications for DIY Engineers will be accepted until Sunday, April 17th, 2016.

  • Official Announcement: Friday, May 13, 2016, list will be posted on our website, here.

Please click here to begin your application.