What kind of setup is it?

You will either be assigned to the Main Stage in the middle of the plaza, or the Gallivan Stage on Gallivan Avenue. It makes no difference which stage you’re on, both areas hold roughly the same amount of people. Both will have a Sound Engineer who will set up and run audio, and a Stage Manager who will direct you for setup and teardown and give you the basics. An MC will introduce you and tell the crowd everything they need to know about your project (albums, tour, etc). You cannot play until after they speak. You will need to complete a sound check before you play. Setup and teardown is 15 minutes with 30 minutes to play your set.

How long do I perform for?

You will be given a 30 minute set. Your set will begin when the performers on the other stage are finished playing. You must wrap up your set within 45 minutes or else your music will be competing with another band just starting.

Can I play covers?

No. All songs must be your original work. This rule is more for your safety than ours. We live in a digital age where music companies scan the web for any chance to bust someone for copyright infringement, and even someone recording you playing a cover on Facebook could land you in hot water with ASCAP. Trust us, you want to keep it all original.

We’re a dance troupe. What do you need from us?

We need both a digital (mp3) recording of the music you will be performing to. Dance troupes are usually booked for 15 minute time slots. We also need to know how many performers will be on stage at any given time and an overall total of people involved with your set.

Do I get paid?

Yes. All bands/performing troupes are paid at a set amount. Once you are accepted to perform our Entertainment Coordinator will reach out to you to confirm payment amount.

Can I sell my merch?

Absolutely! The Craft Lake City DIY Festival is a free festival, but that doesn’t mean people won’t have hard cash on hand to tip you for your performance! Bring a case for cash, set up CDs for sale, bring t-shirts in case anyone decides to buy something. However, keep in mind that CLC volunteers and staffers are not responsible for any theft. You are in charge of watching your money or merch, and that we advise you to bring someone to watch your belongings and case. We will have security on the plaza, but CLC is not responsible for any stolen goods. We invite you to sell before, during, and after your set. You may set up next to the stage.

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