What is a Food Truck?  

Food Trucks are a favorite attraction at Craft Lake CIty’s DIY Festival.  Like commercial food vendors, applicants in this category must be prepared to feed large, hungry crowds. Fee: TBD

How much is the participation fee and what does it include?

Fees TBD.

Do I need a generator to power my Food Truck?

Yes. This is non-negotiable.

Why are commercial food vendors and food trucks required to pay a higher participation fee than craft food vendors? 

Commercial food vendors are one of the most profitable vendors at the festival, as they feed the festival attendees, staff, volunteers, exhibitors and more. CLC does our best to provide healthy, local, handmade and affordable commercial food vendors to the public.

Additional questions about participating in the commercial food catagory? Contact craftlakecity [at] gmail.com

Please click here to begin your application.