Festival FAQ

Why will the 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons be presented virtually?

  • Craft Lake City is committed to the safety and success of our creative community. Rather than fully canceling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Craft Lake City is taking this year’s festival virtual August 7-9, 2020. The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival typically sees large crowds that do not allow for effective social distancing. Therefore, taking the festival online is the best way to proceed that will not only ensure that safety remains a high priority, but also allows for our creative community to continue to grow and thrive during these challenging times.

When will the Virtual DIY Festival take place?

  • The Virtual DIY Festival dates are August 7, 8 and 9. During the following times Artisans, Craft Foodies and STEM exhibitors will engage with their customers through our virtual online platform

Friday from 5pm-6pm Harmons presents their Virtual VIP Lounge

Friday from 6pm-10pm DIY Festival hours

Saturday from 9am-1pm DIY Festival hours

Saturday from 1pm-3pm Kid Row is open for business

Sunday from 3pm-7pm DIY Festival hours

Attendees will be able to shop 24 hours a day, offering an opportunity for creatives to leverage sales even when they are not online. Performers will be scheduled as part of a Virtual Music Showcase over the course of the weekend. Festival Food will be featured in our Virtual Festival Food truck.

What will the Virtual DIY Festival look like?

  • In our new virtual festival format, Utah’s creative community will be celebrated like never before! Artisans, Kid Row participants and STEM exhibitors will showcase their products in a virtual gallery, add video bio features, and engage directly with attendees through an interactive digital platform. Makers will have the opportunity to embrace their creativity and ingenuity as they create virtual content to share our community (and beyond) while keeping everyone safe. Performers will participate in a Virtual Music Showcase over the course of the weekend. Festival Food exhibitors will be featured in our virtual Festival Food Truck through mouth watering videos and links to where you can find them in the valley.

Is there another option for anyone who doesn’t want to attend the Virtual DIY Festival?

  • Yes! For those who would prefer to visit individual exhibitor profiles Craft Lake City will have each exhibitor profile on our website. You will be able to visit them here.

How do we apply?

  • Applications are now closed for the Virtual 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. 
  • To see the list of accepted exhibitors for the Virtual festival click here 

Is there any application assistance for the virtual festival?

  • Craft Lake City hosted  a virtual Application Assistance Day video chat on Tuesday June 9, 2020 @12pm. To watch the recorded event click here.

Do participants need to pay a fee to be part of the Virtual DIY Festival?

  • Selected artisans, STEM exhibitors, foodies and Kid Row participants will be required to pay a participation fee to take part in the Virtual 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Craft Lake City will not take commissions on sales during the virtual festival. Rather than charging a flat fee, participants will be asked to choose the fee they most feel comfortable paying within a pre-determined price range. If artisans determine that they are in a position to pay a higher fee, those additional funds will support Craft Lake City’s nonprofit mission and ensure that the organization will survive this difficult time. If the fees do not work for selected participants, the applicants may choose not to participate without penalty.
    • Artisans and Craft Foodies: Accepted artisans will choose to pay a fee between $49.95–$199.95
    • Collectives & World Market: Accepted exhibitors in this category will choose to pay a fee between $149.95-$299.95
    • DIY Engineers and Tinkerers: Accepted DIY Engineers will choose to pay a fee between $19.95–$169.95
    • STEM Nonprofits and Businesses: Accepted STEM exhibitors in this category will choose to pay a fee between $99.95–$249.95
    • Kid Row: Accepted Kid Row participants in this category will choose to pay a fee between $9.95–$39.95
    • Small Commercial Foodies: Accepted foodies in this category will choose to pay a fee between $99.95–$249.95
    • Large Commercial Foodies: Accepted foodies in this category will choose to pay a fee between $149.95-$299.95

How can creatives best prepare for the Virtual DIY Festival?

  • The Craft Lake City is working to determine details about the format of the virtual DIY Festival, as well as the best ways to support local creatives as they prepare to participate. We will be sharing details very soon, and if you have questions in the meantime, feel free to email artisancoordinator@craftlakecity.com. You may also watch our Application Assistance event from June 9, and you can refer to our blog post with tips about taking photos of your own products. 

How will product sales and shipping work? Will makers sell and ship work through their own stores, or will that be handled by Craft Lake City?

  • DIY Festival artisans will provide links to their own online store for attendees to make their purchases
  • Craft Lake City will ask makers to sell and ship their work themselves in a timely manner and under the criteria set by Craft Lake City. Craft Lake City will not be taking any commission of sales.

Will there be live components?

  • The interactive aspect of the festival environment is something that Craft Lake City sees as a critical part of the attendee experience. Craft Lake City is currently working on ways to make this possible for the Virtual 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival.

Will virtual attendees be able to interact with artisans?

  • Interacting with artisans, scientists, performers and foodies is part of the magic of the DIY Festival. The Craft Lake City team is currently determining ways to provide an interactive element at the Virtual 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival, and participants will be required to engage (virtually) with customers during specific times over the Festival weekend.

Do you think this could lead to a platform where we can shop from participating artisans year round?

  • Craft Lake City is pleased to already offer exhibitor profiles for all past festivals, where web visitors can browse through the participants and purchase from their shops. However, we believe that the Virtual 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival will provide innovative digital programming that may become a part of our general programming suite.

Will the scholarship and mentor programs still take place this year?

  • Craft Lake City is providing financial scholarships to support eligible local makers who participate in the Virtual DIY Festival. 

Will there be opportunities to volunteer?

The volunteer roles for the Virtual Festival are:

  • Virtual Volunteer Ambassadors: Our Virtual Volunteers show support for local artisans and engage with a diverse cyber community safely from home using their personal laptop or desktop computer.
  • Virtual Gallery Builders: Our Virtual Gallery Builders will be working behind the scenes creating virtual galleries for exhibitors participating in the Virtual 12th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival! These volunteers will demonstrate their technology prowess by using a free online platform to create 3D gallery spaces for artisans and STEM participants! Individuals with an affinity for working or playing on computers, gamers, web designers and those enthusiastic about VR and technology are encouraged to sign up!

We also offer year-round volunteer opportunities, and you can learn more by emailing our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@craftlakecity.com.

How can the public best support Craft Lake City as an organization right now?

  • Like many 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, Craft Lake City has been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. We are committed to presenting an incredible virtual DIY Festival, but this requires the community’s support to make it happen. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member of the organization or making a one-time donation. Financial contributions help us accomplish goals related to our nonprofit mission—especially in these difficult times. 

Other ways to support Craft Lake City include:


Thank you for your support!