Google Fiber STEM Building

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DIY Engineers are housed within Google Fiber’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Building at the Fairpark and are one of the most popular attractions at our Festival. DIY Engineers display interactive science projects, inventions, incubator concepts, modular synths, virtual reality experiences, prototypes, 3-D printing and other technology projects.

Photo by Erin McMahon

2019 EXHIBITORS                                                                                 

Energy Institute at SLCC
Momentum Recycling
UVU College of Science
Scale Model Car Exhibition
Craft and STEM
The Leonardo
Creative Lab- Salt Lake City Public Library
Ames Amperes Robotics
MAKE Salt Lake
University of Utah Robotics
KIT Outdoors
Gallery of Fine Hyper-Art (GOFHA)+
Tektontech 3d
Pin Alchemy
Safe UT
University of Utah College of Engineering U AQ&U


Craft Lake City
Salt Lake City Green
Sparrow Electric 



Photo by Talyn Sherer

Unleash your inner scientist and engineer by making a STEM craft to take home.

In 2019, STEM Crafts included a 3D ROBOT CRAFT, in which participants assemble a simple electrical circuit to create a Craft Lake City Robot with glowing LED eyes. Additional STEM Crafts were GLITTER SLIME and SUNPRINTS.








Photo by Erin McMahon


Craft Lake City STEM workshop topics will feature interactive and hands-on creative experiences that are fun for all ages. In 2019, workshop presenters included the Salt Lake City Public Library Creative Lab, The Leonardo and Westminster College’s chapter of the American Chemical Society.

· The Creative Lab from the Salt Lake City Public Library used Virtual Reality and Tiltbrush to enable attendees to create digital works of art in a virtual space.
· Attendees explored the visualization of different sound waves in workshops hosted by The Leonardo.
· Westminster College’s chapter of the American Chemical Society presented kid-friendly workshops on DIY bookmarks and UV bead bracelets, with Chemist Volunteers on hand to explain the science behind the experiments.
· Ames Amperes, a robotics team from the Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, demonstrated their robot, built to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Do you have a prototype, invention or STEM-based program that you’d like to showcase at future events, and/or want to hold a workshop in partnership with Craft Lake City? If so, please email us at or call 801.906.8521