Holiday Market Frequently Asked Questions

Before the Market

Q: May I request a specific spot at the market?

Special placement reservations are not available for the Annual Craft Lake City Holiday Market. However, if you have special needs, please email to let us know. 

Q: Do I have access to electricity? 

Electricity can be requested and purchased in advance for $75 when paying your exhibitor fee. The deadline for purchasing electricity is November 1. Due to power restrictions, we are not able to provide power for all applicants. We recommend bringing battery-powered devices with external power banks to charge them on-site without the use of electricity.

Q: When will I get my space assignment and load-in and load-out times?

Your load-in and load-out times will be provided to you at least one week prior to the market. Load-in will occur on the morning of Saturday, December 7 in advance of the market, while load-out will occur after the market closes at 6pm. You will be assigned a specific load-in and load-out time slot, so please plan to keep your schedule open that entire day to avoid conflicts. In order to accommodate the inevitable last minute changes, your space assignment will be provided to you at load-in time. 

Q: What does my exhibitor fee cover?

Exhibitor fees cover the costs associated with the space allocated to you during the Holiday Market and the labor involved with preparing the venue for the event. All exhibitor spaces will be partitioned using tape on the floor. All artisans are required to bring a “back wall” to visually separate themselves from their neighbor and make themselves from their neighbor anad make their space feel like a small store.

Q: What if I have to cancel my participation?

Any cancellations will need to be received by November 8, 2019 at 5pm. If you cancel after this date, you forfeit your spot in the Holiday Market, and you are not permitted to sell, trade or sublease your space. We have a long waiting list of exhibitors wishing to participate and reserve the right to fill spots as we see fit. There will be no refunds on fees paid if you cancel after November 8, 2019 at 5pm. When you pay your invoice, please make sure you are able to participate.

Q: Why is there an entrance fee? What does it cover?

Craft Lake City is a 501-c3 charitable organization. Our mission is to educate, promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art. Craft Lake City relies largely on a small staff and large team of volunteers, but with a record number of participating artisans and attendees at our events, the cost of effectively managing our markets and festivals continues to grow. The entrance fee and sponsorship fees cover operational costs to ensure the future of the events. In addition, it funds community outreach programs that Craft Lake City sponsors throughout the year like our community inclusion program, workshop program, outdoor exhibition curation and more. Entrance for children 12 and under is free.

Setting Up

Q: What is involved with load-in?

Load-in will take place on Saturday, December 7 in the morning. Every artisan and exhibitor will receive a specific load-in time, so we ask all participants to keep their schedules open that morning to ensure that you will be available during your assigned time slot. We have dozens of artisans to load in so you must load-in during your assigned time. Instructions and details about the load-in process will be provided via email one week in advance of the Holiday Market. A limited amount of volunteers will be available to help, but we strongly recommend that all artisans bring an assistant and a hand truck/dolly to make load-in easier.

Q: Where should I park?

After following your load-in instructions, parking for the Holiday Market will be available on a first-come, first served basis in a lot north of the Monarch. 

Q: What should I bring with me?

See the artisan checklist for a list of the items you will want to consider bringing to make sure you have a great experience.

Q: Do I need to bring my own lighting?

Holiday Market artisans will be housed inside the beautiful new Monarch building in Ogden’s Nine Rails Creative District. The building will have lighting, but if your setup requires additional light, we recommend using battery-powered lights. There are numerous battery-powered products that are affordable and perfect for lighting your product.

Q: Does my space have walls?

The dimensions of your exhibitor space indicate the amount of designated floor area you will have for products and customer foot traffic. For example, a 5×10 will be 5 feet deep by 10 feet wide, and a 5×8 will be 5 feet deep by 8 feet wide. All exhibitor spaces will be partitioned using tape on the floor. Walls will not be provided, but all artisans are required to bring a “back wall” to visually separate them from their neighbor and make their space feel like a small store. This “back wall” can be made of fabric, wood, furniture or other materials. The back wall may not exceed 7 feet in height, and must span the majority of the length of your space but not beyond it (including the hardware, base and weights). Walls must be secured with weights for safety. Side walls are not required but are allowed. For artisans in 10×10 spaces, bringing frames from tents will NOT be permitted due to height restrictions in some areas of the indoor venue.

Q: Will tables and chairs be provided?

Tables and chairs will NOT be provided. Vendors have the option to rent tables and chairs from Craft Lake City in advance, or they can bring any furniture needed to set up their space. We recommend keeping furniture as lightweight as possible for ease of setup and take down. We recommend bringing a handcart and dolly to transport your chairs and tables.

Q: How do I secure my space?

We recommend storing your extra product in bins and placing them under any tables or furniture you have in your booth with a large tablecloth draped over. 

During the Market

Q: Do I get any comp tickets to share with family and friends?

Holiday Market exhibitors will be provided with two all-access passes/credentials for the owner and an assistant, as well as 2 single comp tickets. We recommend using comp tickets to cover the entry fees for people who will be helping you with setup, tear down, and the management of your booth while you take a restroom or lunch break.

Q: Why do I need to wear my artisan credentials?

Your Holiday Market artisan credentials help both attendees and staff identify you as an exhibitor. Wearing your credentials helps ensure you can easily exit/reenter the event if needed. Credentials are non-transferable. Anyone caught passing them to others not working the market will be asked to leave and jeopardize their participation in future Craft Lake City events.

Q: Where should I park?

Parking for the Holiday Market will be available on a first-come, first served basis in a lot north of the Monarch. 

Q: Do shoppers purchase directly from exhibitors or do they check out through Craft Lake City?

Shoppers will purchase directly from you. Be prepared to accept payments using your preferred payment methods (credit card, cash, Square, Venmo, etc.). Bring small change for patrons who want to pay using cash. Craft Lake City does not make or break change for exhibitors. 

Q: Is Wi-Fi available at the market?

Wi-Fi is not reliable, nor is it secure at the venue. Be prepared to rely on cellular data as needed for accepting credit card payments, etc. Be sure to bring mobile batteries to charge your devices without the use of power.

Q: Are space sitters provided?

No, Craft Lake City does not provide space sitters. We recommend having a friend or family member watch your space for you when you need to take breaks or use the restroom.

Q: Where can I smoke?

The Holiday Market is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is allowed only outside the venue, 25 feet or more from the entrance. You can re-enter using your exhibitor pass or hand stamp.

Q: Are pets allowed?

Service animals are allowed.

Q: Where can I dispose of trash and liquids?

You are responsible for removing trash and recyclable materials generated at your space. The event bins are for patrons only. Bring your own bins and/or trash bags for trash and recycling removal, and empty it regularly. You are responsible for ensuring your area is clean and that trash and recyclables do not build up. All exhibitors must properly dispose of all liquids: grease, oil, beer overflow, water, etc. according to venue regulations. Please ask your zone manager if you have any specific questions.

Q: What if I want to provide bags to my customers? 

Plastic bags cause significant and costly problems for recycling equipment and facilities, and as a result Salt Lake City’s recycling program can no longer accept plastic bags. Therefore, single-use plastic bags are prohibited at the Craft Lake City Holiday Market as part of our commitment to sustainable initiatives. Attendees will be asked to bring or buy reusable (non-plastic) bags for their purchases. Exhibitors must please avoid providing plastic bags for customers. Recyclable paper bags or biodegradable/compostable bags made from non-GMO plant-based materials serve as good alternatives. Exhibitors may consider selling reusable (non-plastic) bags at their booth or offering incentives to customers who bring their own bags or containers. Exhibitors are encouraged to limit the use of plastic and styrofoam in packaging whenever possible.

After the Market

Q: How do I pay my sales taxes?

Sales taxes forms will be provided on-site at the Holiday Market, and the paperwork must be completed and returned to the Utah State Tax Commission after the event.  For questions, please contact the USTC at 801.297.6303 or Reporting accurate sales tax helps Craft Lake City track the economic impact our events have on the local economy.

Q: How do I provide feedback about my experience?

Craft Lake City will send out a survey to exhibitors to collect information about your market experience. And you can always send a message to