Sponsored Families

Who Qualifies?

Craft Lake City’s Sponsored Families Program seeks to increase diversity and inclusiveness at the DIY Fest by providing outreach and assistance for first-time festival attendees from underrepresented and/or socially or economically excluded communities whose household incomes fall below 50% of the median for their county of residence.
For the purposes of the program, a “family” represents a household, and may include a single individual or multiple people sharing one roof and one household budget.

In order to make the best use of program resources, Craft Lake City seeks to includes families who are committed to attending the Festival and fully participating in the activities offered.

Craft Lake City works closely with nonprofit partner organizations to help identify families who may benefit from this program. These organizations play a crucial role as liaisons between Craft Lake City and the families, helping facilitate attendance logistics, language barriers and overall coordination.

What Benefits do Sponsored Families Receive?

Each individual from a Sponsored Family receives the following:

  • One DIY Fest general admission ticket per person (to be used on the DIY Fest day of their choice)
  • One meal voucher
  • One beverage voucher
  • One kids craft voucher (per child under 12) or One STEM craft voucher (per child 13-17)
  • One Craft Lake City merchandise voucher

How do Sponsored Families Participate?

Craft Lake City works with community nonprofit partners to identify families who may be interested in and benefit from the Sponsored Families program. Once families are selected to participate:

  • Craft Lake City, with the partner organization, invites the families to attend the DIY Fest/Holiday Market and provides them with logistics about how to best enjoy the festival as a family.
  • Craft Lake City provides entry tickets and vouchers to the family.
  • Families are then free to enjoy the festival at their own pace for the day.
If you are a representative of a community organization and are interested in making a nomination for participants in the Sponsored Families Program, contact us at (801) 906-8521 or info@craftlakecity.com.