Google Fiber Returns as the STEM Building Sponsor for the 13th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons

The Google Fiber STEM Building will feature local tinkerers, tech startups, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Exhibitors will provide festival attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about STEM projects happening in Utah. Festival-goers can satisfy their curiosity by engaging with local experts on a range of science, math, technology and engineering topics.

Each year, the Google Fiber STEM Building is one of the most popular destinations at the DIY Festival. This year we welcome you back to in-person connection with a hands-on water rocket launch, where participants will design and test ideas about using water and air pressure to launch their own personalized 2-liter bottles high into the sky. The Google Fiber STEM Building will also feature hands-on scientific demonstrations and other presentations by STEM exhibitors. Exhibitors include Clark Planetarium, Make Salt Lake, The Leonardo, and many more. You can find a full list of the STEM exhibitors on the exhibitor page of the Craft Lake City website.


Do you have a prototype, invention or STEM-based program you’d like to showcase at future events, and/or hold a workshop in partnership with Craft Lake City? If so, please email us: or call 801.906.8521.