Sponsored Entrepreneur

Who Qualifies?

The Sponsored Entrepreneur Program seeks to increase accessibility to the market experience by demystifying what it takes to participate in the Holiday Market. This program is for new makers to get a feel for the market before making the leap to participate.

The Sponsored Entrepreneur must be a:

New maker, artisan, craft foodie or vintage vendor who have never exhibited at the Holiday Market.

Maker, artisan, craft foodie or vintage vendor who would like to gain more knowledge about the market from the exhibitors perspective with the idea that they would participate the following year.

What Benefits do Sponsored Entrepreneurs Receive?

Sponsored Entrepreneurs Receive:

  • One on One insight from seasoned makers before, during and after the Holiday Market
  • Two tickets to the Holiday Market

How do Sponsored Entrepreneurs Participate?

Craft Lake City works with community nonprofit partners to identify individuals who may be interested in and benefit from the Sponsored Entrepreneurs program. Once an individual is  identified:

  • The Sponsored Entrepreneur is invited to an entrepreneur group meeting
  • The Sponsored Entrepreneur schedules a one-on-one meeting with their Entrepreneur Mentor to learn about the first steps to building a business
  • During the market Sponsored Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to shadow seasoned CLC exhibitors during set up and one partial market day to get a feel for the event. They will then be free to enjoy the market for the remainder of the day.
  • Post market, Sponsored Entrepreneurs will work with their Entrepreneur Mentor to review sales tax and post-festival procedures

If you are a representative of a community organization and are interested in participating in the Sponsored Entrepreneur Program, contact us at (801) 906-8521 or info[at]craftlakecity.com.