img334Originally from a small town in Northern New York, Reed has always been fascinated by how and why things work, from tearing apart telephones to make a “treehouse hotline” as a young tinkerer to delving into galactic formations and movements as a student at Northern Arizona University. As an educator and program manager at Salt Lake Community College, Reed has the extremely rewarding opportunity to foster this curiosity and hunger for knowledge in others. Reed is and always will be a tinkerer/artist whether it is playing and building musical instruments, creating LARP weapons and gear using repurposed materials, or making chainmail, and he loves nothing more than to learning something new and passing that knowledge on to others. In Reed’s professional career he has often sought new experiences to satisfy his hunger for learning, including working on propulsion control systems for the U.S. Navy in Japan and South/Central America, medical device manufacturing in Utah, and telecommunications and IT systems for many organizations across the country. Reed founded a small, off-road accessories manufacturer in New York, and is a vintage railroad engine and passenger car electrician for the Grand Canyon Railroad in Williams Arizona, Reed is an educator for several community colleges across the nation and for various regional power transmission and distribution organizations.