The Craft Lake City Business Academy is a series of professional development workshops designed to educate and support local makers as they build creative businesses.

In this intro to brand licensing course with Katie Mansfield of Tragic Girls, up-and-coming makers will learn everything they need to take their business to the next level by licensing their work. Katie walks participants through the reasons to license your art, the different types of licensing agreements, and how to negotiate your licensing terms in order to start reaching a wider audience and increase your profits.

The way we connect to our customers is changing; let’s embrace it together! A user-friendly online storefront is a key component to finding success in your creative business. In this introductory virtual workshop, local makers Quinell Dixon and Sarah Anderson discuss the benefits and logistics of creating a web store through an online marketplace versus a standalone web store. Anderson and Dixon will provide a basic overview of their preferred services (Etsy and Big Cartel) as well as some insider tips and tricks they’ve picked up along the way. You’ll leave the workshop with the information and inspiration you need to launch your first online shop!

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED — Taught by experienced professionals in the industry provided by Celtic Bank, Funding Fundamentals prepares creative small business owners to make empowered decisions surrounding their business financing. Registrants will gain insight on the various types of business funding available, which types offer the best terms and rates, who the reputable lenders are and the difference between online funding vs. traditional business loans. By the end of this four-week course, creative business owners will understand the fundamentals of becoming bankable and accessing the credit they need to grow their business.