What is LetterWest?


The Annual Craft Lake City LetterWest Conference, an event celebrating calligraphy and modern hand lettering. Launched in partnership with Midvale City, this Conference for creatives is held throughout several locally-owned venues on Midvale’s historic Main Street. 

LetterWest is the leading hand lettering conference in the nation hosted by top lettering artists from Utah and around the globe. 2024 was the first year Craft Lake City hosted the conference in conjunction with Midvale City. The LetterWest conference features keynote speakers, panel discussions, a community art project and educational craft workshops. As the only hand lettering conference in North America, LetterWest brings together a unique creative community for calligraphers, muralists, tattooists, graphic designers, professionals and hobbyists.


Save the date for the Fourth Annual Craft Lake City LetterWest, March 14 & 15, 2025. 



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