Not so long ago, former high school sweethearts and newlyweds, Jessie and Wes found themselves working routine day jobs and dreaming of chasing their passion for creating. Jessie’s knack for style and Wes’ artistic background made for the perfect mix in creating a jewelry line that invoked images of femininity, individuality and spirit. With a determination to realize their dream and bring their vision to life, both quit their jobs and together they formed Ingredients For Lovely in 2010. Demand was almost immediate, as Ingredients For Lovely catered to the smart, confident, creative shopper who was looking for something that “no one else had”. To add to their success, Ingredients For Lovely also reached those creating their own accessory lines by offering unique jewelry supplies that maintained high quality and affordability. Each passing year brought increased growth, and major expansion efforts were undertaken twice in just three years. And though Ingredients For Lovely no longer operated out of its original two-bedroom condo, one thing would remain the same: Jessie and Wes’ pledge to stay true to their roots and maintain the aesthetic that so many embraced as a part of their lives. Today, Ingredients For Lovely continues to bring new ingredients to life that maintain an original, authentic style and enhance the beauty of our clients. Thank you for allowing us to help you in your quest to create something lovely! ❤