2017 DIY Festival Kid Row

Kid Row artisans will be announced June 2, 2017.

Kid Row is Craft Lake City's new Festival exhibitor area for youth and children 14 & under!

Youth 14 & under are invited to apply to be an official DIY Festival Kid Row Exhibitor!

Craft Lake City is excited to debut a new exhibition space called Kid Row for creators who are ages 14 & under. Kid Row will be an opportunity for the young makers in our community to be an official Festival vendor, sell their work and interact with visitors at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival.

The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival is held every second weekend in August and is a three-day event that takes place on Gallivan Plaza in downtown Salt Lake.

Applications must be completed and submitted by 11:59 PM MST on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Learn more below on the featured categories, application process and fees.


How do you apply for Kid Row?

  • Complete the application embedded below
  • You will be required to submit FIVE images of YOUR WORK to kidrow[at]craftlakecity.com
  • You will be required to pay the $10 application fee, via PayPal. Be sure to keep the transaction number or know the email address associated with the application fee payment, as you will be required to enter that for us to cross-reference with your application.

How does jurying work?

  • Only completed applications that have submitted all required information and materials will be juried.
  • Applications will be juried anonymously by a blind jury. Jury members will only have access to view the child's work, price points and responses to our short answer questions on "What do you make and why would you like to be a part of Kid Row at the 2017 DIY Festival?" and "...who makes your work or who helps you?", so long as the identity of the child is not revealed. In-house staff will make sure to not disclose any personal information to external parties, including jury members.

How much does it cost to apply and exhibit in Kid Row?

  • The application fee is $10
  • If accepted, the tabling fee is $25

What will a Kid Row exhibitor receive?

  • The Kid Row exhibitor will have a 3' x 3' table space. The tables are 6' x 3', but will be shared with another exhibitor, creating the 3' x 3' individual space.
  • Two passes will be provided for both the Kid Row exhibitor and their parent or legal guardian same day access to the DIY Festival. The exhibitor passes for Kid Row are ONLY GOOD FOR SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 FESTIVAL ACCESS.

Kid Row Exhibition Day Requirements:

  • A parent or legal guardian must remain with the child exhibitor at all times, from load-in until the end of the exhibiting hours of Kid Row, on Saturday, August 12, 2016. The Kid Row exhibitor will have received two passes, one for them and the other for the parent or legal guardian. The pass will provide both the Kid Row exhibitor and their parent or legal guardian same day access to the DIY Festival. The exhibitor passes for Kid Row are ONLY GOOD FOR SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 FESTIVAL ACCESS.

All the items listed above are required to be completed in order to submit your application, and incomplete applications, where images have not been submitted and the application payment has not been made, will NOT BE SUBMITTED FOR JURYING. Please have these items ready and with you to make the application process smoother.

For questions not answered on this page, email kidrow[at]craftlakecity.com, thank you!