SA DegrawAs though born with bones of driftwood, Sarah Anne DeGraw wanders through sound and defies standards of industry that allure most artists to genre specific whirlpools today. Some stutter to answer the question of what to tie her to. Like The Family Von Trapp, Sarah was born into a traveling band. By age five she was singing in five-part harmony touring across the country. At age seven she received her first instrument: the Cello, and with it came the only formal training she would experience in her musical life to date. Piano was her second and in 2010 her third: the strings of a guitar. She is quoted as saying, “It was like the lock in the strings had found the key in my fingers,” and for the next two years would spend days and sleepless nights writing albums of material. From 2012 to 2015 she put her solo project on the back burner and participated in a number of projects including studio work where she wrote and recorded vocal harmonies for several albums produced out of Salt Lake City, UT. She performed on a television series that was happened upon by a talent manager from “The Voice” who later contacted her to audition for the show. In the spring of 2015 she was asked to play the drums and sing with SLC band, Crook & the Bluff. She’s been writing and touring with them since. With her sultry, pitch perfect voice seamlessly interplaying her fingers on the fretboard, she’ll take you by surprise as the rhythm and lead guitar strut simultaneously together from only six strings. Sarah Anne DeGraw creates a riptide effect in venues with a genre only she can bring. Missing it would be a cryin’ shame.