DIY Festival Exhibitor Checklist

DIY Festival Exhibitor Checklist

Here is our suggested packing list to assist in preparing for the DIY Festival — from the core features of your display structure to the miscellaneous odds and ends to help make your experience comfortable!

NOTE: Craft Lake City does NOT provide tables, chairs, or weights to participants unless they specifically opt in to rent these items (at an additional cost) in the application. If you do not pay for these rental features, plan on packing/bringing these things!!! Electricity is a premium add-on for the DIY Festival, so please consider bringing battery-powered LED or solar-powered lights to amplify your display (especially for outdoor exhibitors) if you choose not to opt-in for power.


✓ (For ALL exhibitors) A REQUIRED back “wall” with 20 lb. weights to secure each side of your wall – Visit this webpage for specs & to get ideas!

✓ (For OUTDOOR exhibitors) A REQUIRED tent with 40 lb. weights to secure each tent leg

Moving dolly/hand truck – A must for load-in & load-out! U-Haul offers rental options, as well as similar businesses.

Display hardware – Be prepared with the items you’ll need to hang and display your wares.

✓ Long table covers – This will make any tables in your area look nicer, and lets you hide supplies and extra inventory underneath.

✓ Duct tape or gaffer tape – the MacGyver of tools

Extension cord – If you have requested electricity, bring heavy-duty, three-prong extension cords and a power strip, as the source of your power may not be directly inside your exhibitor space. Consider whether you plan to mount lights high in your booth–if you do, plan accordingly.

Sunscreen & a hat – Protect yourself from the sun during setup and breaks, or anytime spent visiting our outdoor exhibitors, performers, & food vendors!

Plastic bins with snap-on lids – These are great for consolidating and organizing tools, extra inventory, snacks, etc. Make sure they’re not so big that you can’t lift them when they’re full.

A helper – Schedule a friend or family member to booth-sit for you while you take bathroom and food breaks! Reminder: Craft Lake City staff & volunteers CANNOT booth-sit for vendors, so you will need to utilize your exhibitor badges & comp tickets accordingly to schedule the help you need.

A jacket – Just in case a cold front blows through in the evening!

Water & snacks – Staying hydrated and energized is critical to your comfort at the DIY Fest! We will have many amazing local food vendors you can support as well when you take meal breaks, but always be sure to pack extra snacks for early-morning setups & periodic energy boosts.

Ibuprofen/acetaminophen – Don’t let a headache or sore feet sully your DIY Fest experience!

Business cards, flyers, newsletter signup clipboard/notebook, etc. – A customer take-away of some kind as a reminder for repeat business, or to check you out later if you sell out of product. You can also create your own email sign-up form for festivalgoers!

Credit card reader – Be sure to bring a reader from a service such as Square, PayPal, etc. for contactless, cashless payment. Remember: the more payment options you offer to attendees, the less likely you are to lose out on a sale!

Change – While many patrons prefer to opt for cashless payment options these days, we strongly recommend bringing lots of small change for those $20 bills people get at the ATM.

Battery-powered cell phone charger – Especially if you are using a mobile device to accept credit card payments. Make sure you can re-charge your device without electricity and keep ringing up those sales!

(Optional) Recyclable or biodegradable bags – Attendees will be asked to bring their own shopping bags as part of CLC’s commitment to sustainable initiatives. Vendors must avoid providing plastic bags for customers, but may consider recyclable paper bags or biodegradable/compostable bags made from non-GMO plant-based materials as alternatives if necessary.


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