Pandemonium Art

Jane Font is a full-time artist and host of the popular YouTube channel Painting with Jane. Driven by a lifelong love of unconventional art, Jane opened Pandemonium Art Gallery in 2013 as a showcase for underrepresented artists. The gallery quickly became a popular showcase for the often strange and experimental, concentrating mostly on the works of local artists. Jane‰ŰŞs efforts to foster a citywide arts revival led to her involvement in a variety of projects and initiatives, and she served as a member of the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee. In 2017, she dedicated herself to pursuing her YouTube career full time and now paints, records, edits, and broadcasts from her studio at The Monarch on 25th Street in Ogden. Her original works and custom paint brushes are available for purchase both in studio and from her website at Jane‰ŰŞs near-future plans include the development of an in-person art instruction program.

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