Rocky Mountain Mini Donuts

Sometimes simple things can be surprising! This is definitely the case with Salt Lake City's very own confectionary Rocky Mountain Mini Donuts. Rarely does a food cart make us this ravenous! Since 2022, this family-owned mini donut spot has been delighting customers at weddings, birthdays, festivals, and more with their made-on-site, freshly fried mini donuts. Co-owners, Cassidy and Kylie always dreamed of owning a small business and sharing some of their favorite childhood memories with others. That's where perfectly prepared and super satisfying mini donuts come in! With their cinnamon sugar coated sweets, they spread heaps of happiness to adults and kids at the coolest happenings this side of the Wasatch Front. Pair your pillowy treat with their freshly made lemonade or a cup of hot apple cider - mmm, all the warm and fuzzy wintery vibes with that one! Folks, this is a can't miss mini snack to energize your events any time of year and in any setting. Since Rocky Mountain Mini Donuts is a food cart, they can enter any indoor or outdoor space with ease and share their sugary goodies all day or night long. Bring 'em in for an employee breakfast, a food truck break, or have 'em finish off the night as your flavorful closer. Don't miss out, Utah… Rocky Mountain Mini Donuts is the place for fine donut fare all year round.

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