World’s Best Corndogs

World's Best Corndogs is all about one thing…LOVE! So the story goes something like this, (a movie ‘meet cute' if you will)… boy meets corndog, boy falls insanely in love with corndog (like I don't know who I am, where I am, what day it is… kinda love), ‘round about the same time, boy with corndog meets girl (super-hot, very nice girl), girl instantly falls in love with the boy's corndog, then eventually the boy with the corndog. The boy, the girl, and the corndog realize there is magic swirling about, and their love must be bold, and loud, and joyous…and shared. The best love, the World's Best Corndog Love. Russ and Denice opened World's Best Corndogs on April 26th, 2013…and got married two days later on April 28th.

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