DIY Festival Inclusion Program

Utah is home to a unique assortment of communities that represent people from many cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic groups; of varying abilities, gender identities and sexual orientations. Craft Lake City is committed to providing opportunities for people within all Utah communities to experience and connect with Utah’s rich crafting history, current DIY movement and creative future.

Craft Lake City developed the DIY Festival Inclusion Program as part of our overall diversity and inclusion strategy. The goal of the DIY Festival Inclusion Program is to support individuals from underrepresented and/or socially or economically excluded communities in order to provide the entire community with opportunities to creatively and economically thrive.

The goals set forth to uphold this mission are as follows:
  • Provide Equal Opportunity: To provide equal opportunity for local artisans and DIY engineers to creatively grow and economically thrive by minimizing the barriers to entry for individuals wanting to start a small business.
  • Support Business Development: To train and support local artisans and DIY engineers to meet their business goals in marketing, merchandising, sales or building an online store.
  • Evangelize DIY Culture: To create a DIY Festival® environment representative of all Utah communities, to raise awareness of communities and cultures outside one’s daily experience, and to empower attendees to become ambassadors of maker culture and become artisans themselves.
  • Enable Digital Access: To provide assistance and access to digital resources for people who may lack the digital equipment or computer skills necessary to apply to the DIY Festival.
The DIY Festival Inclusion Program consists of the following initiatives:

Application Assistance Day
Application Fee Support
Artisan Scholarship and Mentor Program
Project Rainbow Scholarship (NEW!)

Sponsored Entrepreneur Program
Kid Row Scholarship
Sponsored Families Program
STEM Scholarship

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Do you have any questions about the accessibility of Craft Lake City events or programs? Would you like to request accommodations? Please contact us by emailing or calling 801-906-8521.

*Note: While Craft Lake City cannot guarantee that all requests can be met, our team is committed to making reasonable accommodations to ensure that attendees can successfully participate in our programs.

DIY Festival Inclusion Program Sponsors

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