Kid Row Artisan Exhibitor Checklist

Welcome to Kid Row! Below is a checklist to help you prepare for Kid Row at the DIY Festival.

Setting Up Your Table 

  • Your Table Space: Each Kid Row artisan will be sharing a 6 foot table, and will have 3’x 2.5’ of individual space. Be a good neighbor and please plan to set up your wares on half of the table space to make room for the kid artisan next to you. If you applied with other kid artisans together as a group, you will be sharing the same 3’x 2.5’ space.
  • Provided by CLC: Craft Lake City will provide the table, linens, and chairs for you. We’ll also provide a small 6”x6” sign with your name or business name on it.

Items to Bring for Your Display

  • Products: The most important part of your table! Remember to bring your favorite handmade items to sell to our Kid Row visitors.
  • Display Items: Think about how you will arrange and display your handmade items in your 3’x2.5’ tabletop space. Would you like to set some of the items on top of boxes? Have them in a standing frame? Depending on your plan, you may want to bring some items to set your wares on. Please remember that all items must be displayed on top of the table within your 3’x2.5’ space, and cannot be placed in front, to the side, or behind your table. You may want to practice setting up your display at home.
  • Pricing: Think about the price of each of your items. How will you let people know the price? Will you write it on a sticker to paste on each product? Or have a list on your table? There are many different options, so think about which one works best for you.
  • Promotional Materials: Do you have a business card or flyer you would like to give to your customers?

  • Payment Processing Items: Think about how you would like to sell your items, and talk with your parent or guardian about the best way to process payments from your customers. Would you like people to pay in cash? If so, plan to bring small bills and change, as well as a cash box or envelope. Would you like people to pay with a credit card? If so, please ask your parent or guardian if they have a credit card reader, cellular data for wifi, a phone or tablet, and a backup battery to process payment.
  • Biodegradable Shopping Bags: In an effort to protect our planet and support green initiatives, plastic bags will not be allowed at the DIY Festival. Festival attendees will be encouraged to bring or buy reusable bags for their purchases. As a Kid Row artisan, you will be asked to avoid providing plastic bags for your customers. If you would really like to put your products in shopping bags, we recommend asking your parents about getting biodegradable or compostable bags instead. Or you can always make and sell reusable (non-plastic) bags at your table!
  • Be Right Back Sign: In case you don’t have an adult helper to booth sit for you during bathroom breaks, you may want to create a small “Be Right Back” sign to display when your parent or guardian accompanies you to the restroom.

Other Checklist Items

  • Moving dolly/hand truck – If you have heavy items, this is very helpful.
  • Sunscreen, a hat, and jacket – Kid Row will be in a grassy and mostly-shaded area. However, we cannot guarantee that the tables will be shaded all day, so we recommend wearing sunscreen and hats for protection. It’s also helpful to bring a jacket in case of rain or cold weather.
  • Plastic bins with snap-on lids – These are great for organizing tools, products, and snacks, as well as protecting your stuff from water and mud.
  • Trash bags – Like all artisans at the DIY Festival, you will be asked to carry out any trash from your vending space in order to leave the area clean for the rest of the weekend. The garbage cans on-site are for festival attendees, so trash bags are a convenient way to carry out any leftover food, paper, boxes, etc.
  • A helper – Consider asking an adult friend or family member (in addition to your parent/guardian) to assist you with load-in and load-out, and to also booth sit for you during bathroom breaks.
  • Water – Stay hydrated in the heat! Bring sealed water bottles or empty reusable water bottles with you.
  • Snacks – In case you get hungry during the 4-hour shift.

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