New Americans

Workshops Series

With support from the Salt Lake City Arts Council, the Craft Lake City New Americans workshop series consisted of artisan classes taught by New American makers from around the world who have made Utah their home.  Whether they were refugees, immigrants or children of immigrants, these instructors were provided with a platform to share and teach the process behind their art form while attendees learned the cultural significance of the craft.

Craft Lake City seeks to foster cultural connection and create a deeper understanding between Utahns through this creative experience. Craft Lake City’s New American’s Workshops ran from November of 2022 – December 2023.

Participate in a Workshop

Workshops are uploaded frequently and we would love to have you participate in any of our New Americans Workshop Series.

Teach A Future Workshop

If you, or anyone you know, identify as a New American and would love to be part of this series by teaching, please nominate them. This is a great paid opportunity!

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