Kid's Area

Travel back in time and experience the animals of the Ice Age in the Kid's Area, located in the grassy, shaded area west of the SLUG Mag Stage.

Mastodon and Sabre Tooth Tiger Masks:

 2 tickets

Embody the majesty of the giant mastodon and the fierce sabre tooth tiger by creating your own wearable up-cycled paperboard mask.

Visit the Craft Lake City table in the STEM Building to upgrade your mask with LED lights! 1 ticket

Prehistoric Marionettes:

2 tickets

Build a megalodon or giant sloth marionette using up-cycled materials.

Bouncy Castle:

1 ticket

Kids 10 and under can enjoy some kid time jumping in our bouncy house.

Animals of the Ice Age Face Painting::

2 tickets

Transform into a ferocious beast of the ice age by getting your face painted. Choose from two different designs: saber-toothed tiger (left) and giant sloth (right).