Troubled Youth Blues Band

TROUBLED YOUTH BLUES BAND are on probation release and your participation at Craft Lake City will determine if they stay in custody - or remain free. The authorities cite that no Utah teen blues band has been set free before and that Utah's 'blues problem' is nothing to worry about. We shall see. With members from Ogden, Park City, Bountiful and Salt Lake City - the Government's resources are focused on MusicGarage.Org - the after-school and summer band 'training camp' where these so-called 'Troubled Youth' meet and scheme their so-called 'shows'. The soul-healing music of BB King, Albert King, Etta James, Allman Brothers or Gov't Mule makes no difference to the government's 'War on Blues'. So this is Craft Lake City's chance to set these six 'troubled youth' free by singing, clapping hands and stomping feet. This a don't miss opportunity for all music fans!

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