Sponsored Entreprenuer Program

About the Program

The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival and Holiday Market nourishes Utah artisans, creatives, and small business owners by promoting DIY culture and providing opportunities to attract new customers, promote their work to new audiences, and grow their sales. Craft Lake City wants to ensure that these opportunities are available to all Utah communities.

Each year, Craft Lake City provides budding entrepreneurs with the opportunity to shadow and work one on one with a well-seasoned creator in their medium to assist with an introduction to the world of working in festivals or markets on a large scale. This program can serve as the bridge between the entrepreneur’s creative pursuits and the start of building a business around them. Additionally, it can educate the potential entrepreneur about the benefits of Holiday Market participation and how to construct a successful business model based on special event engagement.

Program Eligibility

The Sponsored Entrepreneur Program seeks to increase accessibility to the festival experience by demystifying what it takes to participate in the DIY Fest/Holiday Market. The goal of this program is for new makers to get a first-hand feel for the festival with an experienced participant before making the commitment.Sponsored Entrepreneurs must be:

New makers, artisans, craft foodies, vintage vendors and/or STEM engineers who are still in the very early stages of starting a creative business and would benefit from mentor support in getting their ideas off the ground, AND who have never exhibited at the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Fest or Holiday Market.

Benefits of the Sponsored Entrepreneurs Program

  • One-on-one time from a seasoned maker before, during and after the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival/Holiday Market
  • A chance to shadow and get a feel and idea of how the Market works.
  • Two tickets to the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival/Holiday Market

Required Participation of Sponsored Entrepreneurs

Craft Lake City works with community nonprofit partners to identify individuals who may be interested in and who would benefit from the Sponsored Entrepreneurs Program. Once an individual is selected to participate:

  • The Sponsored Entrepreneur is invited to a group meeting with Craft Lake City staff and their assigned Liaison
  • During the DIY Fest/Holiday Market, Sponsored Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to shadow seasoned exhibitors during set up and during a partial festival/Market day to get a feel for the event, asking questions and gaining business knowledge on-site. They will then be free to enjoy the DIY Fest/Holiday Market for the remainder of that day
  • Wrap-up meeting with CLC Staff and Sponsored Entrepreneur Liaison, giving feedback about their experience

If you are a representative of a community organization and are interested in making a nomination for the Sponsored Entrepreneur Program, contact us at (801) 906-8521 or info@craftlakecity.com

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