Craft Lake City Team

Angela H. Brown

Executive Director

Max Bennion

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Pete Taylor

Ticketing and Gates Manager


Internal auditor of happiness

John Ford

Production Manager

Lyndi Perry

STEM Manager

Stefano Martinengo

Website Developer

Gui Pelaez

Board Recruitment Coordinator



Tiana Young

Artisan & Programs Manager

Mads Cole

Artisan & Programs Coordinator

Serena Millet

Volunteer Coordinator

Lydia Miller

Youth Artisan Entrepreneur Coordinator

Ashley Osborne

Executive Assistant

Belynda Magalei

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator

MyKel Hall

Entertainment Coordinator

Sarah Allen

Sponsorship & Generosity Coordintor

Liz Kelly

Graphic Designer

Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Team

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