Google Fiber STEM Building

The Google Fiber STEM Building at the DIY Festival features local tinkerers, tech startups, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Exhibitors provide festival attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about STEM projects happening in Utah through hands-on exhibitions. Festival-goers can satisfy their curiosity by engaging with local experts on a range of science, math, technology and engineering topics. It’s fun and interesting for all ages!

STEM Exhibits

DIY Engineers display interactive science projects, inventions, virtual reality experiences, prototypes, 3-D printing and other cutting edge technologies sure to pique interest in STEM topics for all ages

Craft Lake City STEM Craft

Unleash your inner scientist and engineer by making a STEM craft that you can take home!



Build and decorate your own soda bottle water rocket then head outside to our launching pad and watch it soar into the sky!


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