Sponsors, Supporters, & Partners

Craft Lake City would like to recognize and express sincere thanks to the following organizations that support its mission to promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art.


If you would like to join these dedicated supporters of the Utah arts community, please consider supporting one of the following projects or reach out to us at grantmanager@craftlakecity.com.

$25 provides

a scholarship to cover tabling fees for one local youth artisan from a low-income household to sell, promote and exhibit their work on Kid Row.

$50 provides

opportunities for the public to engage in STEM learning in fun and interactive ways through our STEM Workshops in our Google Fiber STEM Building during the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival.

$75 provides

business training to an emerging entrepreneur in the Artisan Scholarship and Mentor program.

$100 provides

a commission to a local artist to create one plakat in the seasonally rotating outdoor exhibit, Celebration of the Hand.

$250 provides

admission to the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival, food and craft vouchers, and souvenirs for one family from an underrepresented and/or socially or economically excluded community as part of our DIY Festival Sponsored Families Program.

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