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Since its inception in 2009, Craft Lake City has worked diligently to educate, promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art.

Craft Lake City’s programming grows and strengthens individual artisans and small business owners across Utah by providing opportunities for individual artisans and small businesses to attract new customers, promote their craft to new audiences, and grow their sales. Craft Lake City’s educational and outreach programming inspires and empowers would-be DIY artists to begin creating handmade art of their own and encourages entrepreneurship, learning how to start a small business, self-sufficiency and self-development.

We believe there are many potential artists, STEM engineers, and craft foodies just waiting for a spark of inspiration and encouragement to actively participate in the local creative community. Join us in growing the creative community of Utah in 2023 and beyond by making a donating today!

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Craft Lake City envisions an inclusive, diverse, and sustainable artisan community that provides creative and entrepreneurial opportunities for all Utahns. To that end, Craft Lake City aims to create an inclusive programming representative of the vibrant and diverse population of Utah. From local artisans and entrepreneurs to program participants, we put an emphasis on providing enriching opportunities for underrepresented and/or socially or economically excluded individuals of all ages in Utah through our Community Inclusion Program. Your contribution helps us to continue to grow this important program and fulfill our vision of a rich and diverse creative community!

 In 2023, Craft Lake City hosted free, high quality, interactive science and art demonstrations to low-income youth and their families through 5 Google Fiber Rocket Launches.

We awarded 85+ additional scholarships and 50+ application fee waivers to underrepresented and/or socially or economically excluded communities in 2023.

In 2023, Craft Lake City held 4 Application Assistance Days (2 in person and 2 virtual Q&A’s). These events provide guidance and tips for submitting a successful application for the DIY Festival and/or Holiday Market. A total of 60 participants benefited from this program this year.

This year, we worked with 7 community organizations to provide 50+ families (295+ total individuals) with full DIY Festival or Holiday Market experiences including admission, food and craft vouchers, and merchandise.

In Fall 2022, we launched the New American’s workshop series, spanning from Spring 2023 to December of the same year. Supported by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, this series comprises six craft classes led by New American makers in Utah—refugees, immigrants, or their descendants. These instructors, hailing from diverse backgrounds, not only teach the intricacies of their art but also illuminate its cultural importance to participants.

This year, Craft Lake City partnered with the International Rescue Committee to sponsor 2 Entrepreneurs at the DIY Festival. These aspiring Entrepreneurs received mentorship with seasoned Exhibitors before, during, and after the festival; in addition to admission for themselves, translator(s), and case worker(s).

This year, we partnered with Celtic Bank for the second consecutive year to deliver our 4-week Funding Fundamentals course, empowering small creative business owners in making informed financing decisions. Our Craft Lake City Business Academy also provides 7 online courses, taught by and for creatives, complementing our in-person Funding Fundamentals offering.

In 2023 we provided free, enriching afterschool arts instruction and mentoring at Kearns Junior High, Promise South Salt Lake and Backman Elementary for 41 elementary and middle school kids. The program prepares kids to exhibit at Kid Row, the youth entrepreneur vendor section of the DIY Festival and encourages them to pursue both their artistic and entrepreneurial dreams.

In 2023, we highlighted 33 local artisans across five public art installations displayed in 14 large frames along Broadway (300 S) at the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. These installations are done in collaboration with Center for the Living City and The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change, as part of our two seasonal outdoor exhibition series, Celebration of the Hand and Local Voices.

Each year, our Scholarship and Mentor Program supports emerging local artisans with scholarships, mentoring, and business training. In 2023, we extended the program to introduce two additional scholarships—the ArtAbility Scholarship and the LGBTQ+ Scholarship—alongside the existing Artisan Scholarship. This year marks the inclusion of our Scholarship and Mentor Program in the Holiday Market Inclusion Program, resulting in a 400% expansion of our initiatives and the provision of scholarships to 20 emerging local artisans.

Craft Lake City’s mission-driven programming, which served over 800,000 people in Utah in 2022, would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors, donors and Sustaining Members. THANK YOU for supporting Craft Lake City and the future of our thriving local DIY community.