Craft Lake City developed the Community Inclusion Program as part of our overall diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. The Community Inclusion Program seeks to support individuals from underrepresented and/or socially or economically excluded communities in order to provide the entire community with opportunities to creatively and economically thrive.

The goals set forth to uphold this mission are as follows:

–Provide Equal Opportunity

–Support Business Development

–Evangelize DIY Culture

–Enable Digital Access

Application Assistance Days

Application Fee Support

If you are interested in applying to the DIY Fest or Holiday Market but the application fee presents a barrier to entry, application fee support may be available from grants, donors or other additional funding sources. Interested creatives may send an email to info[at] with a paragraph-length Statement Of Need prior to the application deadline to inquire about potential fee support.

Are you interested in donating to support application fees for prospective artisans, performers, Kid Row or STEM participants? Please email angela[at] to find out how!

Scholarship & Mentor Program

STEM Scholarships

Scholarships for exhibiting in the Google Fiber STEM Building are available for small, local non-profit groups, whose mission is related to education in STEM fields. Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale and may waive entire booth fees. To apply for a scholarship, click the button below to fill out the STEM Scholarship Funding Match Up Form by the applications deadlines.

Sponsored Entrepreneur Program

Sponsored Families Program

Year-Round Inclusion

New Americans Workshop Series


While Craft Lake City cannot guarantee that all requests can be met, our team is committed to making reasonable accommodations to ensure that attendees can successfully participate in our programs. If you have any questions about the accessibility of Craft Lake City events or programs or would you like to request accommodations, Please fill out the form below