Craft Lake City and the #GivingTuesday Tradition

Craft Lake City is excited to be a part of #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015!

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#GivingTuesday follows the two largest retail days of the year—Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday is a way to celebrate generosity and giving, not a day created for corporate monetary gain. It is an opportunity for people to cause a hoopla and riot for non-profit and charitable organizations!

Reinvent the holiday season for both you and your favorite non-profits. Your contribution will positively add to your community’s culture. Here is additional information on how you can partake in the #GivingTuesday tradition for Craft Lake City:

  • Contribute to Craft Lake City’s Razoo page from now until 10 P.M. on Dec. 1, 2015 to help make Craft Lake City 2016
  •  Contribute to Craft Lake City during #GivingTuesday allowing Craft Lake City the opportunity to earn more funding towards community programming and arts education (to view specifics on the additional funding opportunities, visit Razoo’s page here)
  • Gift a minimum of $10, but the sky is the limit with no maximum contribution amount
  • Contribute easily to Craft Lake City for #GivingTuesday without having to register for an account


Contribute to Craft Lake City below now without leaving the page!