What Donating to Craft Lake City Means

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As a non-profit organization, Craft Lake City both supports and is supported by the local community. We rely on the support of people like you to help us grow and fund our programming. In turn, our mission is to build the local creative community. We often use the term “dreamers” in our organization. Craft Lake City has a lot of big dreams for the future and your funding can help us make those dreams happen. Tuesday, November 28th is Giving Tuesday. Want to know more about this day of giving? Learn about it here. With this charitable season coming up, learn about what work Craft Lake City is doing with your donations.

“Nonprofits embody the best spirit and values of our nation. They help millions of individuals and families daily. They protect, feed, heal, shelter, educate, and nurture our bodies and spirits.”

What is a non-profit?

Craft Lake City is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating, promoting, and inspiring local artisans. But what does that mean? A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization is a public charity or foundation that have been designated as a benefit to the community. These organizations are generally tax-exempt and therefore donors receive a tax cut for donating. There are certain requirements that need to be met to receive official non-profit status. Craft Lake City acquired their non-profit status in 2012 after applying to the IRS.

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Non-profits like Craft Lake City as vital to the growth of the community. According to the Council of Nonprofits, “Nonprofits embody the best spirit and values of our nation. They help millions of individuals and families daily. They protect, feed, heal, shelter, educate, and nurture our bodies and spirits.” At Craft Lake City, we call ourselves dreamers as we strive to educate others and help them achieve their dreams. “Nonprofits also give shape to our boldest dreams, highest ideals, and noblest causes. They turn our beliefs into action–as promoters of democracy, champions of the common good, incubators of innovation, laboratories of leadership, protectors of taxpayers, responders in times of trouble, stimulators of the economy, and weavers of community fabric.


Though you can donate to Craft Lake City any time, donating during #GivingTuesday may be a good idea. This year, when you donate $100 or more to Craft Lake City on Giving Tuesday, you will receive two tickets to Plan-B Theater Company’s spring production of a new play–JUMP on April 4, 2018. Learn more about this new production here.

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Where do your donations go?

Last year Craft Lake City raised $2,195 in donations during our Giving Tuesday and Love Utah Give Utah fundraisers. This increase in funds allowed us to start a new program at the Craft Lake City 9th Annual DIY Festival–Kid Row. At Kid Row, twenty-six artisans ages 14 and under sold their own handmade crafts. Each Kid Row vendor received a real vendor experience and learned first hand what it’s like to run a small business. Kid Row was created to inspire and promote young artisans and entrepreneurs. These sorts of programs help us achieve our mission to educate and inspire locally, starting with the next generation.

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There are many programs Craft Lake City is currently working to build upon and develop. These programs include our Community Inclusion Program, Artisan Scholarship Program, Kid Row, DIY Festival Demonstrations, STEM Programming, Application Assistance Days, Artisan Ambassador Mentorship Programs, and Family Sponsorships. Just like you, Craft Lake City has dreams to achieve. Most of these dreams include educating, training, promoting, mentoring, and inspiring local makers and business owners. We achieve these goals through these programs funded by your donations. Give to Craft Lake City during #GivingTuesday to receive good feelings and some tickets to JUMP.