Everything You Need to Know About Craft Lake City's Love Utah Give Utah Charity Event at Stoneground


What the event is exactly:

We are so thrilled to have our upcoming Love Utah Give Utah Charity Event at Stoneground Restaurant, here in Salt Lake City. The event will take place Thursday, March 31st from 11:30am-2:00pm. Stoneground will have a special for their homemade donuts served with gelato for $8 in honor of Craft Lake City’s 8th year of business—all the proceeds from purchasing these donuts will be donated to Craft Lake City.

More about Love Utah Give Utah:

Love Utah Give Utah is basically an online platform used for donating to non-profit organizations in Utah, such as Craft Lake City. Find more information about this cool organization here.
Outside of our Stoneground event on March 31st, you can donate through Love Utah Give Utah anytime here.

How you can donate:

All you have to do is buy donuts! If you’d like to donate more, (which we highly encourage) there will be some Craft Lake City staff at Stoneground with tablets to help you out. It’s just a few easy clicks. We will also have the tax information you need to get a tax break for donating to a non-profit.

How you can donate without attending the event:

You can donate online! It’s so easy! Go to this page, enter the amount you would like to donate and click DONATE.

Why you don’t need to be mega rich to come:

You can come, buy donuts and boom—you donated to Craft Lake City. You may now feel good about yourself. Go ahead, eat a donut. You deserve it. Plus you can get a tax break for donating to a non-profit!

You don’t have to buy donuts:

Don’t want to eat donuts and gelato for lunch? That’s cool. Yes, if you buy donuts and gelato, the proceeds will go to Craft Lake City. But Stoneground has all sorts of delicious food! Including lunch food, and since it will be lunch time you may want to order some lunch. But, to be clear, we fully support having donuts and gelato for lunch. If you order other food and don’t feel like donuts, we still encourage you to donate to Craft Lake City! You can donate really easily online. (See above.) We will have some very friendly Craft Lake City staff there. They’ll have all the information you’ll need and tablets to donate quickly and easily.

Where it’s at:

This event will be held at the Stoneground Kitchen, not to be confused with the Stoneground Bakery. The address is 249 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

Tell me more about this Stoneground place.

Stoneground is a locally owned restaurant with an urban vibe that serves fresh and house-made food. In 2000, cousins Bob McCarthy and Paul O’Conner founded Stoneground using 80 percent of their grandmother’s recipes. The two had recently moved to Salt Lake City from upstate New York, where O’Conner had attended the Culinary Institute of Hyde Park. McCarthy, who owns Stoneground, has created a dining experience that is “warm, welcoming, and firmly planted in his Irish-Italian roots. He takes a simple approach to serving delicious food: always fresh and house-made.” That, of course, includes the donuts that will be served at the event. These donuts are homemade and made to order. That means they are served warm! This idea of house-made goods goes along with the name Stoneground, a type of flour typically used in pizza dough.

Stoneground has been so kind to support Craft Lake City in this event. The community of local businesses in Salt Lake City thrives when we as locals support each other. We sat down with the manager of Stoneground, Marsha Merrill to ask a few questions. When asked why it’s important to support local business, Merrill says, “Without having the infrastructure of local support, the entire community would collapse. I think it is key to start from the ground up, support what’s around you, create sustainability. When the larger corporations aren’t around and putting money into the city, we are still sustainable. I think that’s why Salt Lake in general has been pretty great at not going through such a hard recession because we do support locally.” We couldn’t agree more! Part of Craft Lake City’s mission is to promote local artists and businesses.


Stoneground’s Head Chef, Justin Shifflett

When asked what advice Merrill would give to someone just starting out in the business, she commented, “The reason why Stoneground has been successful is because we’re present. We’re always there. If you look at a lot of small businesses, regardless of how large of a scale they are producing, the owners and the managers are emotionally invested. They’re there. They’re present. And they’re also supporting other businesses. It’s this weird web of support. I think if you incubate yourself by not going out and by not being present, especially in your business, you will not be successful.” Did you hear that, all you small business owners out there? Support your locals! Come to our event—support not just us, but also Stoneground!

What to expect at the event:

You mean besides a good time? You can except to eat some delicious food and to feel better about yourself for donating to a non-profit organization—i.e. Craft Lake City— while doing it. If you haven’t been to Stoneground before, it’s a very cool and casual environment. The restaurant will be running as usual, we’ll just be there to hang out with you and let me know how to donate. (And to eat donuts, of course.)


Why you should most definitely come:

Donuts. Gelato. Need we say more? Okay, we’ll say more. These donuts are house made and made to order. That means they are made from scratch and served fresh. They’re tossed in cinnamon sugar and served warm with vanilla bean gelato. Is your mouth watering a little bit? It’s good food AND donating to a good cause. Also you’ll get a tax break for donating! Goodness all around. Where is the bad? Come support!

In summary:

Stoneground Kitchen 249 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Thursday, March 31st from 11:30am-2pm
Donuts and gelato for $8.
Support Craft Lake City.
Enjoy good food and good feelings.

Join the event on Facebook here.