2017 Participant Mixer

Our 2017 Participant Mixer was a big success thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff, dedicated board members, generous volunteers, and of course, our exhibitors! Our mixer is an opportunity for exhibitors to get to know each other, form connections and collaborations, and for us to get to know our exhibitors! Craft Lake City is here to help you. We are here to promote and inspire local artisans and makers. At the mixer each year, we get a chance to spend a little face to face time with some of the finest makers and dreamers Utah has to offer.


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As we look forward to Craft Lake City’s 9th Annual DIY Festival this August we are confident that this festival has the potential to be the best yet. With a wide variety of exhibitors—skilled artisans, brilliant DIY engineers, unique foodies, local performers, vintage vendors, and kid crafters, we are overwhelmed by the immense amount of talent here in Utah! We are makers, we are dreamers, we are Craft Lake City! See you all in August!

Images from Jessica Bundy and Mary Elizabeth Hammond.