Craft Lake City’s 8th Annual DIY Festival Recap

This year’s DIY festival was the biggest and most ambitious one yet! In this, our 8th year putting on the Craft Lake City DIY Festival, we extended to three days for the first time ever! The festival featured more than 300 artisans, craft foodies, DIY engineers, and performers. Scroll through the photos below to see some of our favorite memorable moments.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.19.03 PMWe absolutely loved this sign from Luna Beehive! Her adorable felt pillows, including pillows with tooth pockets for the tooth fairy, sold quickly!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.38.39 PM

In the Kids’ Area, you could find some Alice in Wonderland-esque, over-sized paper flowers that made the whole area feel like a playful dream.


This year, the Kids’ Area sported a woodland theme with fairy forest themed crafts, a bouncy play house, and an activity where you could contribute to a mosaic by artist Roger Whiting, which will be installed in downtown Salt Lake.


12The bouncy house was easily the most popular item in the Kids’ Area.

6Our vendors this year really brought their A game. With over 250 crafters and DIYers, there was a variety of impressive merchandise to peruse.

14While at the festival, you could buy jewelry, handmade soap, gorgeous prints and original art pieces; have your T-shirt printed in front of you; order a handmade dress from Africa; get a tin type portrait done; or browse used book stands. From set up to take down, our vendors were constantly impressing us with their work ethic, positive attitudes, and, of course, their art work.

17The designer of the August SLUG Magazine cover art, Isaac Hastings of Sugarhouse, had an awesome booth with t-shirts, tank tops, stickers, and prints with his radical art on them.

19Throughout the festival, there were performances going on, either on the SLUG Mag Stage or the KRCL Stage. One of our favorites was Joshy Soul and the Cool.

21These guys had the crowd up and grooving to their smooth tunes. With catchy love songs playing, there were numerous couples of all ages swaying the night away on the SLUG Mag Stage.


Our fearless leader, Angela Brown.

Mozdykuchen hands out samples of sweet bread at Friday's Craft Lake City.The food vendors at the festival did not disappoint! Needless to say, we were well fed all weekend.

Cathy Tshilombo-Lokemba, of Mama Africa Grill, takes a customer's order at Craft Lake City.Mama Africa, one of our favorite food vendors, brought the tastes of her home in the Congo to Salt Lake City with her to die for Beignets and her delicious (and really hot) hot sauce.

A vendor looks on as Craft Lake City continues on Friday night.Each vendor had an interesting story to tell, not just in their merchandise but in how they got to be where they are.

The sun goes down as Craft Lake City continues into the night on Friday.Each night, the festival lit up in a way that added a little bit more magic to the experience.

Makers hang lights as the sun sets over Craft Lake City.Vendors came up with their own lighting schemes, and some of them got really creative. There were twinkle lights everywhere!

Zeynep and Nihal show hand stitched items, along with jewelry depicting the evil eye. The two were representing the Turkish American Cultural Center.There were many different cultures represented at the festival this year, including Zeynep and Nihal of the Turkish American Cultural Center, who showed off their hand stitched items, along with jewelry depicting the evil eye.

Chris Bodily of Hatrobot takes in Craft Lake City.The pretty lights and well-lit art work was a gorgeous combination.

1Big thanks to our Mad Scientist and Craft Lake City Robot cruising around the festival. These two were non-stop, interactive entertainment all three days. They circulated the festival showing off the robot’s tricks, meeting kids, and playing catch! They were a festival favorite this year.

2DIY jewelry vendor Rachel Johnson from House of Tenebris was selling some unique and beautiful pieces. The name of her store, tenebris, means “darkness.”

3Enjoying some family time at the festival!

7A view from the ground of some of our rad signage.

8Crowds gathered on the steps to enjoy the festival food and the performances on the KRCL stage.

11Lydia Mills and Rebecca Ruffel purchased this cool Audrey Hepburn piece by David Overstreet.

14Portrait of Mister Pauper, Jake Buntjer from Provo, drinking a fancy pineapple beverage from Project Pinapple.

15There were so many photo opportunities at the festival! You could get a portrait, a tin type, a drawing, or a polaroid.

16Local artist out of Murray, Tai Taeoalli, continued to create and draw with a ballpoint pen as people came in and admired his art.


Art by Tai had the most amazing booth! His set up made you feel like you were walking into a real art gallery.

Logan.01The Salt Lake Comic Con booth brought some real characters to the festival Saturday morning with the Cosplay Games.

Logan.02All of the sudden, the festival was flooded with Pokemon, superheroes, Disney characters, and comic book characters. It was a lot of fun to see the Queen of Hearts and Darth Vader dance their way across the SLUG Mag stage to the Comic Con booth.

Logan.11Star Wars characters enjoy the Utah FIRST Robotics demonstration. Apparently, they don’t have that in a galaxy far, far away.

Cpxhm9pXEAAmIFGPeach and Daisy made an appearance too!

Logan.05The SLUG Mag stage was a constant source of entertainment.

Logan.07Bitters Lab doing what they do best.

Logan.09Fullgive Leather had some stylish merch.

Logan.17You could have browsed the festival for the whole three days and still discovered something new! There was so much to see!

Craft Lake City 2016 (Niels Jensen) (4 of 24)There was always a crowd gathered around the Copper Palette Press booth as they demonstrated live screen printing and gave away free tote bags!

Craft Lake City 2016 (Niels Jensen) (14 of 24)Mama Africa doesn’t just sell amazing food, but also beautiful bags from Africa!

Craft Lake City 2016 (Niels Jensen) (16 of 24)Break dancing broke out at the SLUG stage.

Craft Lake City 2016 (Niels Jensen) (20 of 24)Bitty Kids showing off her beautiful work.

Craft Lake City 2016 (Niels Jensen) (23 of 24)Some KRCL stage action.

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-3On Sunday at the festival, Salty Bike Revival stopped by to put on a motorcycle show of hand crafted bikes that blew our minds. The detail work on these bikes was unbelievable! What an interesting form of art!

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-5SLUG artists unite!

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-6Our Scientist and Robot had a lot of fun playing with the kids at the festival. It was also a lot of fun to watch them entertain the kids.

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-8The jewelry at the festival was a best seller.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.17.14 PMThe Google Fiber STEM Building was a sight to see. With live animals, coding talk, a recharging station, and virtual reality, it certainly exceeded our expectations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.16.09 PMWith the virtual reality, visitors could visit Paris, Jurassic Park, or even ride a roller coster.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.17.42 PMGoogle Fiber really went all out.

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-11Vendors enjoying the festival!

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-10Talking with the vendors about their products and their passions was one of the best parts of the festival.

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-19Project Pineapple sold some crazy delicious shaved ice and pina colodas served inside real pineapples! They were a big hit among festival goers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.18.35 PMChristina Williams got creative with her painted paper plate backdrop. (And it was in Craft Lake City colors!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.18.11 PMThe Hand Drawn Photo Booth was a unique and fun way to remember your time at the festival. These artists allowed you to pose four times while they quickly drew a cartoon likeness of you.


Craft Lake City had a booth too!

SLUG-Tyson-Call-DIYFest-28The Motorcycle Show on Sunday was a festival first! Festival goers had the chance to admire these remarkable hand crafted bikes from up close.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.35.03 PMSet-up for the festival included a lot of heavy lifting. Luckily, the entire East High Football team showed up to volunteer! They came to volunteer their muscles for hours to help us set up, help artists set up, and doing really anything we asked. These guys were a dream!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.34.22 PM

Samba Fogo helped us close out the festival with a dance party! These guys had the SLUG Mag stage rocking with their drumline and dancers. The crowd, the performers, and CLC crew were all feeling it as we danced the last hour of the festival away. It was a perfect final bang!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.34.41 PM

Photos courtesy of Jo Savage, Rachel Molenda, Logan Sorenson, Niels Jensen, Tyson Call, and Mary Elizabeth Hammond

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