Craft Lake City’s 9th Annual DIY Festival Presented by Harmons

The #clcdiyfest this year was one of the best. With the Festival growing each year, this one was our biggest yet! There was so much going on and so much to see, but we thought we’d share with you just a few highlights.


The Salt Lake Lettering Club did some free demonstrations of their skills. They also taught a few workshops! Photo from Will Cannon.


New Craft Lake City merch was sported at the Information Booth. If you missed your chance to snag some, it’s not too late! You can purchase it here. Photo from Will Cannon.


We were all pretty excited to see the return of the Craft Lake City robot. The robot even gave away from free Craft Lake City pins to a lucky few! Photo from Will Cannon.


Copper Palate Press returned to the Festival again this year with their live screen printing demos. They gave away free tote bags featuring Craft Lake City artisans’ work! Photo from Will Cannon.


Festival goers make their way into Craft Lake City’s 9th Annual DIY Festival. Photo from Will Cannon.


Sean Cudney of S.C. Creative Studios carved this masterpiece in front of festival goers as a free wood working demonstration on Sunday. Photo from Talyn Sherer.


Heather Mahler (illustrator) and Joshy Soul (musician) being cool and doing what they do. Photo from Talyn Sherer.

12-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Talyn-Sherer (1)

The Riveras enjoying some family time at the Coca-Cola VIP Lounge Sponsored by Harmons. Photo from Tayln Sherer.


Craft Lake City enamel pins at the Festival. Photo from Talyn Sherer.

Google Fiber

Some crowds checking out the Google Fiber STEM Building. Photo from Logan Sorenson.

32-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Logan Sorenson

Did you know there was a photo booth in the Coca-Cola VIP Lounge Sponsored by Harmons provided by Smile Booth? Photo from Logan Sorenson.

26-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Logan Sorenson

The Kids’ Area this year had some crafts that were out of this world–in that they were space themed! Kids had the chance to make their own constellations. Photo from Logan Sorenson.

19-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Logan Sorenson

Craft Lake City cashiers serving some Festival attendees. Photo from Logan Sorenson.

15-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Logan Sorenson

French macarons from Sprinkle and Dash. These little babies are to die for! Photo from Logan Sorenson.

24-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Jessica Bundy

A view of the Festival from above, courtesy of Jessica Bundy.


Cup Bop employees experiencing Festival craziness! Photo from Jayson Ross.

21-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Jessica Bundy

Shopping local at Winder Farms. Photo from Jessica Bundy.


There was also face painting going on in the Kids’ Area! Photo from Jayson Ross.


Some Hand Drawn Photo Booth magic courtesy of Jayson Ross.


Luis Calderon of Puruha Arts does a free demo while making a wooden top. Photo from Colton Marsala.


Craft Lake City artisan Peach Treats and her custom wearables sporting her Dreamers tee. Photo from Colton Marsala.


A Festival attendee learning the art of macrame with Marti Woolford at a Festival workshop with West Elm. Photo from Ceza Dzawala.

23-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Cezaryna-Dzawala (1)

Moving to the groove at the SLUG Mag stage. Photo from Ceza Dzawala.

17-Craft-Lake-City-DIY-Festival-2017-Cezaryna-Dzawala (1)

Craft Lake City Executive Director, Angela Brown and other staff members enjoy a moment of Festival down time. Photo from Ceza Dzawala.


Professional Chefs from Harmons cooking school pose after cooking demos in the Coca-Cola VIP Lounge Sponsored by Harmons. Photo from Blaine Hostetler.

IMG_2844 (1)

VIP goers savoring some Coca-Cola. Photo from Blaine Hostetler.


Google Fiber provided a virtual reality experience in the Google Fiber STEM Building. Photo from Blaine Hostetler.

IMG_2413 (1)

Kate Mansfield and her darling booth all ready for Festival goers to peruse. Photo from Blaine Hostetler.


Sharlie’s Treats showing off their delicious goodies. Photo from Blaine Hostetler.

Thank you all for another wonderful year! And a special thank you to our incredibly generous sponsors who made this all possible: Harmons, Downtown Alliance, Salt Lake City, City Creek Center, 90.9 FM KRCL, 90.1 FM KUER, SLUG Mag, 24TIX.COM, Spilt Ink, ZAP, Commerce & Craft, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Diamond Rental, Google Fiber, West Elm, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Willard L. Eccles Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, Planned Parenthood, XMission, Skinworks, Denkers Family Foundation, Salt Lake City Arts Council, STEM Action Center, Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation, Salt Lake City Corp, and the Gallican Events Center. We’ll be back next August for the 10th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Mark your calendars!